How To Make A Photography Portfolio online: a step-by-step guide

Posted by AxelPrice on June 15th, 2014

Photographers are those distinguished type of visual artists who have to give equal emphasis to technology and aesthetics. For this reason only, photographers are considered the most dynamic and new-age visual artists and photography is considered one of the youngest art forms. How to make a photography portfolio online? Can you start branding of yourself as a photographer and promote your works in a low-cost way? With a number of online photography portfolio hosting websites now offering competitive pricing, it is no longer a distant dream for photographers and graphic artists to showcase their works. However, before uploading your works, you need to do proper planning as finest works should go online and you have to be very selective for demonstrating your potential as a photographer. Choosing from the best photographers and graphic designers portfolio websites is also important. Here below is a step-by-step process of how to upload your best photographs on a portfolio hosting website.

Do extensive research online

Web research is important because of two reasons. Firstly, you can learn how online portfolio hosting websites work and visit these portfolio websites one by one for doing a comparative analysis of these websites. Secondly, you can have a brief idea of what’s popular on the web and what types of photographs are high in demand. Portfolios of leading photographers are educational for aspiring photographers. You can analyze photographs captured by eminent photographers and can understand how they have used light and shadow effects and many other things related to your job. Develop an analytical mindset before you join an online portfolio website. Try to create an identity of your own and stick to that.

Choose a portfolio hosting website

Next you need to choose the right website for uploading your works. Is the portfolio website you are choosing good enough for choosing as a platform? Can you edit your works and manage your portfolio without knowledge of HTML? Facebook and Flickr are there. But these websites have their own limitations. While Facebook will showcase your works to a mixed group of audience and creating a strong fan base is full of uncertainty, Flickr is considered a good platform for amateur photographers, but not hardcore professionals. You need to choose a website that can protect your photographs from copyright infringement issues, is highly secure and you can have your own share of exposure instead becoming a faceless photo artist.

Compilation and uploading

After choosing graphic designers portfolio website, you should collate your existing photos keeping in mind the file format compatibility issues. You may think about creating different folders for storing your existing photos based on the subject of photos among many other things. If required, take new photographs to make your photography portfolio complete. Do necessary editing and upload your works through a portfolio website.

Read portfolio website reviews and know more about the technical challenges before you start uploading your works online. Read the instructions carefully and use the power of social media to promote your works. If you have questions regarding how to make a photography portfolio online, always read the answers for frequently asked questions on a portfolio website.

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