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Posted by vivek choudhary on January 3rd, 2021

To our knowledge, the last decade has been remarkable for the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Very recently, we came across a blog where it talked about Tensor flow Recommenders. TFRS is a TF package for building recommender systems similar to the likes of Netflix and YouTube and more. Also, there’re various cool works that are done and presented on the internet. ‘Machine Learning created art’ is one the platforms. Machine learning art generators are the thing that   Intel & Nvidia are the organization that is heavily working on the advancements related to the hardware requirements. Google Microsoft & Amazon have already started their race for the ML champions and the cloud space. We at Industry360 have created modules for upper management that are targeted for visionary leaders to embrace the AI culture and move forward with it. Our newly launched sits as thebest online data analytics courses in India  

Amazon is customer centric organization and uses deep learning models for customer experience and recommendation. Alexa is a B2C product where a language assistant sits as the brain of the machine. Though it all began with Siri but that could not be taken to compete with Alexa or Google assistant. DJI is another organization which is a startup but into drones and object recognition. It is already sitting at a valuation of 15 billion dollars now. It has already partnered with Microsoft for the streaming project of Drone-Computer. Facebook is not sitting idle when it comes to the front. We have always been seeing the feud between Bill Gates, Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg. Their research group FAIR has made much advancement when it comes to using innovation to develop some technologies for better communication. Alice & Bob are the two figures in the AI space where facebook had to stop one of their AI project because the two started to communication with each other which nop one could understand surpassing the expected evolution rate. Python is a language of command & trending. Hence we have created modules revolving around Python which makes us thebest python training institute in Delhi ncr.

Google will always be important because of the acquisitions & advancements it has made in the AI space. Tensor flow is free for everyone and that is the gift from Google. HiSilicon is working on the chip design and operation taking it to the next level. Kirin 980 was unveiled at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. IBM is again transforming its business and thus created a separate arm for cloud division which would be a smart watch until we see major action. Open-air is doing wonders when we speak in terms of not for profit. Qualcomm is a major player in chip manufacturing and AI innovation. Our data science training course focuses heavily on the industry implementation and you are updated about the evolution in the ecosystem    

However, talking about some major organizations also, there’s AlexNetwhich broke the record on Image Net in some 2014s. It also introduced us to Dropouts. Although, now we have many complex models competing with AlexNet, like VGG16 and Inception V3. Even some of our teammates built an Image Colorization model using the transfer learning approach implementing both VGG16 and InceptionV3 and realized their true potentials. There was this Reinforcement Learning model built over PyTorchwhich was used for playing the Atarigame. Also, Deep Blueand Alpha Zerocurrently are regarded as the unbeatable Non-human chess players. 

Auto encodershave been known for Image Segmentation and even with the transfer learning approach they can be easily implemented for building models for Image Colorization, Domain adaptation etc. In 2014, we were introduced with Adam Optimizer which proves to be efficient to automatically adapt the learning rate, so it becomes less sensitive to hyper parameter sensitivity we can say. Around 2015,Resentalso came into picture which is a Deep residual Learning for Image Recognition also built over PyTorch. This enhances the VGG16 model in some sort of converting the Plain layers in VGG16 to Residual layers. So, with the kind of depth in layers that it has and still performing good, it was regarded as the best of all in the Image Net competition, 2015.There is a dearth of data science online training in Indiaby professionals and we are bridging the gap in this space.

Finally, there’s something like BERT which is a Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding. Some group in my college had done a project on it too, that’s when I came to know about it. It was introduced in 2018.At last, Self-Driving Cars, Face-Detection by FaceBook(to name one), Recommendation Systems in Amazon, NetFlix, YouTube and Spotify are the pioneers of the Machine Learning and Deep Learning world. We Industry360 make you aware of the industry paradigm and the shift leading to the best data analytics institute in India.

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