Getting to Know More About the Role of Estate Agents in the UK

Posted by alexedward on June 16th, 2014

There are many home owners who have bought homes via estate agents. Not all of them will have good experiences because there are some estate agents who are known to give the wrong picture to buyers and sellers. To avoid the agent trap, you will have to know the key characteristics of estate agents. Once you have this relevant information, you can select the best estate agents in Thundersley or nearby places.

There are some estate agents who specialize in only particular kinds of properties. So, you will have to first find out the specialty of these estate agents and then take the dealing further. By and large, there are many home owners or home seekers who select only one agent and rely completely on him or her to provide deals on properties. In one way it may be good, but you are restricting yourself to only a few properties.

Therefore, it is recommended that you select two to three real estate agents for your property needs. In some cases, you may have to register online with a reputed estate agent, which is considered to be a mandate for these agents. Real estate agents  in Hadleigh are commission agents and they may charge the seller as well as the buyer. Therefore, you will have to check out the charges or commission percentage that the real estate agent is asking for.

By and large, in the UK, you will find that most real estate agents charge 1.5 percent of the entire sale. As a customer of the real estate agent, you much be clear on the contract terms. Real estate agent in Rayleigh have a reputation of being very honest and clear with their terms and conditions. When they prepare contracts, they will make sure that you read every word of it. There are several rules and regulations that govern property dealings.

If you find that your property dealer is using malpractices or falsifying information, then you should immediately contact the local authority’s trading standards department. When you select an estate agent for your property sale, you will have to be in constant touch with that agent. You will have to keep all communication channels open when you interact with the estate agent.

You will have to maintain a record of phone conversations so that you are aware of the number of leads the estate agent has given you. When you have a clear record of the communication between you and the estate agent, there will be very less disputes in the future. When you make an offer to the real estate agent, you will have to get a copy of that letter. This will also clear any doubts or any disputes in the future. 

Estate agents in south benfleet are very friendly people who have impeccable communication and negotiation skills. If your real estate agent does not have these characteristics, then there are high chances that you may not get a good deal on your property sale.   

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