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Posted by kalpesh on August 14th, 2010

WEIGHTLOSS Obesity is one of the biggest problems of the world today. We see many obese people around us. Obesity leads to serious health problems if not addressed in time. Obese people are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, heart related problems and certain types of cancer as well. Overweight people are more likely to develop osteoarthritis. Sometimes it may cause breathing problems during sleep. Primary reason for overweight is excess of dietary calories and lack of physical exercise. The basic treatment for overweight is physical exercise and dieting. Some overweight people take drugs to reduce appetite or to reduce fat absorption, however it is not a desirable solution. Dieting and Physical exercise are two main remedies for the weight loss. DIETING It is highly recommended that dieting should be done under proper medical supervision. Dieting can be extremely helpful in decreasing the effect of diabetes and other health risks. Our body is spending energy for doing daily activities and gaining energy from food or other nutrients supply. When our body is spending more energy than the intake, it results in weight loss. There are several diet plans are available for weight loss, some of them are harmful and poses risk to health, others are prescribed by specialists. Many diet plans claim to be efficient, weight loss without any efforts, however in the long run their efficiency is questionable. Normally diet plans are made according to your intake calories, but it is recommended that you increase your physical activities also. Dieticians calculate daily calories requirement based on many factors, like gender, age and weight loss target. When you are on dieting program, you must not eat food that contains high fat or high sugar, because both of them are responsible for increasing body mass and have adverse effect on overall health. PHYSICAL EXERCISE It is highly recommended that you should do exercise under expert supervision. Physical exercises play a big role in weight loss programs. In addition to weight loss, it helps us to keep fit and healthy. It helps to build muscles and bones. It makes you more efficient and increases your productivity. GENERAL SUGGESTIONS 1.When you are on a weight loss program, don?t expect results overnight, accept the fact that it will take some time. 2.Weight loss program should be taken under expert supervision. 3.Avoid high calories food, like biscuits, cake, sweets, potatoes and dry fruits. 4.Include vegetables and fruits in your regular diet. 5.Cut down your intake of non vegetarian food, as such food tends to be of high calories. 6.Alcohol is weight gainer. Abstain from it. 7.Cultivate habit of walking, early in the morning or late in the evening. Take at least 45 minutes of walking daily. 8.Avoid use of alcohol. 9.Avoid use of diet-pills, because in the long run it may cause harmful side effects.

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