Sohna Road ? The land of Many Colors.

Posted by eyehomz on June 16th, 2014

After reaching the pinnacle of glory, Gurgaon reached on its saturation point and developed as most successfully developed land-scape in India for commercial and financial activities. The grand success of Gurgaon resulted the colorful corridor of Sohna Road which has high potential to grow & now this stretch is becoming most favored destination of Multi-National companies. The emergence of big commercial towers leads to generate the demand for residential projects in this region.

Supertech Limited recently launched a colorful residential project Supertech Hues in tune with the colorful Sohna Road. In the following lines we are going to discuss how Sohna road got its color, it is already colorful or in recent times it is got its colors. So, against the above line it is important to mention that the vast corridor of Sohna Road is located in the lap of lush greenery and the multi-storey commercial complexes put their other color to make this reason as financial & commercial hub and later many residential projects started which had added another color. So in this way Sohna road got her identity as colorful corridor and inspiring from this Supertech launched. Supertech Hues. Hues meaning is the world of colors. Where each and every color has a sense of beauty and luxury. This residential project is located at sector-68 and also adding the color to colorful Sohna Road.

It is viewed that Sohna Road has great potential of development. Many big Indian and foreign companies have targeted to harness the potential prospect of Sohna Road. In this regard a MOU signed between concerned authorities and and world-class real estate developers to put more colors to this newly emerged financial corridors and make Sohna Road a world-class city which will be known for its high-end fascinating infrastructure and commercial activities . At present time many commercial projects are going on which have opted the borrowed concept of Dubai and Singapore and it is expecting that Sohna Road would give the world-class identity to India.

There are some other colors of Sohna Road like the great connectivity with other well development industrial belt of India. The well-developed ultra-wide roads are giving traffic free transportation and which saves time and resource; this is also one very important color of Sohna Road. The nearness to Delhi is also playing a great role to bring Sohna Road as prime destination for investment in real estate sectors. Almost all leading companies of India have started their corporate office at Sohna road which is really a great boost to get Sohna road this identity.

Hence, we can say that the strategic location and high will of government as well as the perfect co-ordination of concerned authorities collectively approaching to make Sohna Road a world class financial corridor of India. The industrial planner and economic planners are of the view that these kinds of many corridors are needed to make India Super Power. It is also hoping that the strong will-power of new government will definitely make India a super-power in this decade.

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