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Posted by alisonreid29 on June 16th, 2014

The 21st Century has boomed technologically like no other. Life today revolves around the computer and internet. For creating a portfolio to showcase your work, the net has the most viable option - free online portfolio sites. All one has to do is to log in and get a free online portfolio. Portfolios are important; they create an impression about you. A compilation of your artworks if presented in the format of an attractive portfolio makes the path easier to promote yourself. In today’s fiercely competitive world, your creativity needs to be flaunted with flair and these sites work wonder for you.

Name a field you belong to and the free online portfolio sites help you get hold of a functionally useful and attractive and interesting portfolio which exhibits you and your talent to the world. Be it photography, animation, music, fashion or any genre of creative work, having a free online portfolio is the most effective tool to advertise. All one has to do is to research online for the site which offers the most value to you.

But while researching for a free online portfolio site to have a free online portfolio done, you should keep in mind certain things. It is always easier when one has the entire flow chart of what is to be done clear in head, because a right portfolio can bring you into the right limelight, a wrong one can create impression unwarranted. So keep in mind the following to be in the proper loop:

•             Create a mental picture of how you want the portfolio to look like.

•             Make a note of things that should be incorporated in the portfolio.

•             Research a few sites and then zero down to one.

•             Keep a note of your user id and password.

•             Do two or three demo portfolios before finalizing one.

•             Keep the demo portfolios ready as well because you never know which client likes which one. Keeping options seem logical because preferences may vary across clients.

•             Check if the free online portfolio site is a professional one and whether it has a list of clientele and employing agencies.

•             The site should have a blog option which showcases the portfolios it has under its name and banner.

•             Publish your free online portfolio in the very website.

•             Keep a note of the list of employers listed in the website and mail them your portfolio to initiate and maintain a PR rapport.

Once the doubts on what-why-how-when are clear, choose a site to create a free online portfolio. As added incentives, you can participate in events like ‘artist of the month’ genre as it makes your stay in the website interesting and provides an added opportunity to promote your talent. Always remember, while you are here in search of a good portfolio and a probable list of employers, the employers are here too looking for a probable employee. So the best in you should be advertised. Free online portfolio sites can shower you with offers and provide a launching platform like no other.

Creating free online portfolio offers a unique opportunity to exhibit your talent. Choose your free online portfolio site wisely to get the best out of it.

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