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Posted by Cassandra27 on June 17th, 2014

Bits and pieces of information on the ladders have been dribbling out for the past couple of months and today there’s more details that are specific to seasonal ladder

Legendary items. The system will work in a similar fashion to Diablo 2 in that once the season ends those Legendaries can be used by your non-ladder characters. The difference in Diablo 3 is there’s a shared stash and Paragon points which are shared between all characters.

When a ladder season ends, the special seasonal Legendaries created for that season will “roll over into the non-Season loot pool”. To take part in the ladders, characters will be flagged by players as “Seasonal” in similar way to hardcore. These characters will of course reset when the season ends and a new character will need to be created for the following season.

The system sounds like it will work well and it also means that Blizzard will have to create new Legendaries for each season which will increase the overall Legendary item pool when each season concludex. If you want to try and get your hands on those Legenfdaries as fast as possible then it’s worth taking part in the ladder season.The only problem, of course, is getting Legendary items you want to keep. There’s plenty of junk items out there, and items that you can’t use for your class or even want to. At the same time, there are tons of Legendary items that you do want to keep, especially if they’re class items for another class that happen to drop for you.

Meanwhile, many of the damage-dealing abilities the class has now do more damage. The Crusader's passive abilities have also been reworked, as the patch notes state, "Rather than try to simply change numbers on existing passives we've tried to provide interesting and compelling choices."The list of changes for five of the game's six classes (the

Demon Hunter being the exception) note that a number of runes are having their damage types changed. "To better support character builds based on a specific damage type we are changing the damage type of a few select runes," the patch notes read.

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