Natural Gas Heaters How to Select One

Posted by webteam on June 17th, 2014

The decision to go for a natural gas heater comes up with numerous advantages. You are able to save yourself from a growing electricity bill. Performance remains better when compared to an electric heater. Your impact on the environment remains minimal since the carbon dioxide being emitted is quite low. But, trouble remains in selecting the right kind of heater for your family. The analysis given below would definitely be of advantage to you in this direction.

The first concern a home owner has to address when opting for a natural gas heater is to decide whether to rent or to buy. A majority of the people prefer to rent gas heaters. This gives the peace of mind that comes from the assurance that the equipment remains protected from damage all the time. You are allowed to do anything; change the size of the heater as your family becomes bigger. But, buying relieves you from the stress of paying the monthly bill. Following are the points to consider when shopping for natural gas heaters.

  • Size of the tank: This is something which should deserve utmost consideration when buying a natural gas heater. Take care to ensure that your family has sufficient hot water to use. Being able to answer the following questions would assist in taking a wise decision.

(A)   Is the current heater able to provide all your family needs?

(B)   How many teenagers are there in your home? Know that teenagers require more water than the infants.

(C)   How many clothes and dishes have to be washed every day?

(D)   How many bathrooms are there in your home?

With all these questions answered, you can ask a contractor for assistance. The expert would help you choose a tank capable of fulfilling all your requirements.

  • Tankless heaters: Know that tankless heaters require considerations unique to their own. You may need expert assistance to make a choice.

Portable gas heaters are increasing in popularity today. Keep the points given below in mind if you are planning to have one.

  • Radiant Heaters: If affordability is what you are seeking when shopping for a heater, this is sure to be a great option. Here, the flames generated heat ceramic tiles. This heat gets radiated and spreads around. It is ideal for those who want to heat a large room.
  • Convection Heater: This equipment comes with a fan to spread the heat evenly throughout a room. The great thing about this type of heater is that you are not exposed to flames. For this reason, it is safer in comparison to radiant heater.
  • Radiant/Convection Heater: This offers you both the advantage of convection and the radiant variants of the equipment. It spreads the heat even in a limited space.

Your options are unlimited when it comes to natural gas heaters. But, doing your homework to make a wise choice gets fully paid in your monthly bill.

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