What is the difference between turf shoes and the rest.

Posted by myshoespots on June 17th, 2014

Soccer is the most appreciated and popular game played on the entire Planet. Because of this reason people played it on any kind of terrain or surface, just to enjoy the great feeling this game gives you. Of course, with time passing, the equipment designed for playing the game developed towards a better performance and got specialized for every type of terrain. And when we are talking about soccer the shoes are the most important part of the equipment. A proper pair of shoes can give you the stability, traction and speed you need on the playing terrain.

The types of terrain used worldwide are natural grass, a more traditional surface, concrete sport courts of gym floors and turf surfaces. The difference between the shoes designed for all these surfaces are in the sole of the shoe. This specific part of the shoe it is specially designed to meet the condition of the terrain and to offer the best soccer experience. Thus of one uses indoor shoes on natural grass or turf terrains the only good thing you’ll get out of this is a good sliding effect, as the sole of the shoe is soft. Normal cleats designed for the natural grass ground will not work on turf surface, because of the fact that turf if designed out of two parts, the artificial grass and the mat used for sustaining, so cleats will hook onto the material and risk damaging it. These causes why most turf terrain have prohibition for other shoes than the ones specially designed for this surface, so that the life and usage of this terrain is prolonged.

Turf shoes have raised treads that will insure good traction and comfortable playing, as the shoes do not enter in a conflict with the terrain’s surface, but rather work with it in a complementary way ensuring the best soccer experience. So respecting the fact that every surface has its own properties and that these certain types of shoes were not created just for diversity, will really improve the quality of a soccer game. Turf shoes are also really good for usage on hard natural surfaces, like dirt, lands with short grass or even sand. They are great for running on these terrains and are a very good alternative for the usual cleats.

So what is the difference between turf shoes and other soccer playing shoes? It is simple, it is the purpose for what every one of them was created and the conditions they have to meet while playing in the field. Their single purpose is to offer to the one that wears them a comfortable playing, without risking injuries or any other risks while running or hitting the ball. Just try once playing with the proper turf shoes on a turf terrain and you will understand what I am talking about. If you choose careful the pair of turf shoes to merge with your feet then soccer will just end up being even greater than it was before.

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