Advanced Pain Treatment Programs In Singapore

Posted by pain18relief on June 17th, 2014

Advanced Pain Treatment Programs In Singapore

Muscular or joint pain can change a person’s lifestyle considerably. Pain takes up their thoughts and they cannot think of anything but pain alleviation. The pain can be due to a sports related injury or it can be back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc., caused by the work they do. Whatever the pain, they always think of ways to reduce pain and if possible to completely cure it.

Doctors usually treat pain with medication and physiotherapy. They tend to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. Physiotherapy is a long drawn treatment. People need to visit physiotherapy clinics for months to get relief. Traditional physiotherapy clinics treat pain using exercise and stretches, massage treatments, ultrasound treatment and heat packs. Though this may offer temporary relief, these are not permanent cures. Another problem with physiotherapy clinics is that there is a deficiency of clinical experience for many physiotherapists. Many of them do not understand your problems and provide solutions that are just superficial.

According to the spokesperson of the website, “Our physiotherapists use a specialized pain treatment program which includes laser therapy, and microcurrent stimulation. They also use tissue mobilization and trigger point release for treating the pain. Once the pain subsides they are trained to help you in core conditioning and neuromuscular activation.”

He went on to add, “Our physiotherapists treat patients according to the severity of the problem. In most cases patients using our specialized treatment plan for pain will feel a lot better after just one sitting, while patients who have severe pain will experience a reduction in pain, or stiffness in around seven days.”

He further stated, “The world is moving very fast and there are technological breakthroughs every day. So instead of using outdated methods to treat pain, we should change with the times and start using specialized forms of treatment such as our specialized pain treatment program.”

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