Root Canal Treatment - Common Questions Answered

Posted by ridgetopdental on June 17th, 2014

Root canal treatment is one of the best ways to save natural teeth from extraction but there are many people who squirm even at the thought of it. Good dentists like Ridgetop Dental’s expert dentists in Alexandria VA in Northern Virginia region can make the procedure as quick and painless as possible for you. Since, RCT is a dreaded procedure; people have many apprehensions and questions in mind when they visit the offices of Ridgetop Dental. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a restorative procedure in which tooth’s damaged pulp is removed. Once the damaged tooth pulp is removed the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled. This procedure has been named so as it seals off the root canal.

Why is this procedure important?

Root Canal Treatment is important as it is used to save an infected tooth which would otherwise need to be removed.

Is it painful?

Yes, it’s a painful procedure but with sedation dentistry and with the help of a skilled dentist the pain associated with the procedure can be easily managed. Ridgetop Dental’s experienced dentists and cosmetic endodontists in Northern Virginia , within Northern Virginia region understand the fears of their patients. Hence, all the patients that come to their facility are treated with utmost care and respect and everything possible is done to alleviate their pain and anxiety.

What can be done to reduce the pain associated with RCT?

If you get cold feet even at the thought of the pain associated with RCT, then you must discuss your fears with your dentist. Your dentist may prescribe some antibiotics or NSAID ( Non steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) that can help reduce your pain and some antibiotics can speed up the healing process by treating the infection. Your dentist may also give you sedatives during the procedure which will remove any pain and help you undergo the procedure smoothly.

How many appointments does a Root Canal Treatment need?

Root Canal Treatment requires more than one appointment. They can generally be done in 2-3 appointments.  A temporary filling is done before the final filling and afterwards your dentist will recommend a crown be created for your tooth and then applied.

Is wearing dental crown after the treatment a necessity?

A dental crown is a good way to preserve your tooth. Without a crown your teeth is at risk for cracking and chipping.

Is there a way to prevent Root Canal Infections?

Good dental care and hygiene is the key to maintaining infection free teeth. Keep your teeth clean and healthy with proper tooth brushing and flossing after all meals. When you cannot do this after snacks, at least rinse your mouth out with plain water. Address decay when it is small and before it reaches the inner level of the tooth. This will not just save you a lot of money but also a lot of pain.

These were some of the common questions related to Root Canal Treatment; if you have more questions about the procedure, you can talk to Ridgetop Dental’s expert dentists in Northern Virginia. Ridgetop Dental has some of the best orthodontists, endodontists and cosmetic dentists in Alexandria VA within Northern Virginia.

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