Mumbai monsoons and camping in Lonavala - a match made in heaven!

Posted by The Wandering Pen on January 3rd, 2021

Call me cliche, but I love the Mumbai monsoon. The temperature drops and the chilly showers just transform the city completely. However, I’ve enjoyed these rains only within the city - I’ve never enjoyed the rains out in the Sahyadris, camping in the midst of lush greenery. While doing some online browsing, I came across some options for camping near Mumbai that are meant for the monsoons. I read about it and saw some pictures, and just fell in love with it. 

I immediately convinced a few of my friends to go camping in Lonavala over the weekend, and we decided to drive down. I just love going for long drives and roadtrips, so I was very happy. When we left the city, it was raining lightly, and I was playing my favorite songs and driving with the windows open. Perfect driving mood!

We had taken an SUV so we drove to the campsite directly. We found it quite easily, as it was only 8 kms from Lonavala, and half way up to the Rajmachi fort. Leaving the urban jungle behind and being in the midst of greenery for miles was amazing.  

When we arrived at the campsite there was nature in every form all around. We decided to first leave our bags in the tents and then set out to explore. I must say, the tents were excellent. They were weather-proof and had comfy foam mats inside for sleeping. We would be sleeping comfortably, while it rained outside. 

The toilets were dry with western commodes, which was another relief as some members of our group were already worried. The camping operator had set up a dining area –a big tent with a cover – and we could sit and drink tea while watching the rain. 

We then set out to explore the area around the campsite. There were waterfalls, streams, natural ponds and clouds everywhere. It brought back very fond childhood memories of when I used to visit hills such as these in Maharashtra and try running through the clouds and mist. The camp was overlooking a valley with towering hills all around. I just sat down on the grass and admired the view. 

When evening came and the sun had set, we all gathered in a tent to relax. We wanted to light a bonfire, but the weather was too wet. But the camping crew was making barbecue starters, so we were hanging out near the fire there. We sang songs, joked with each other, played Dumb Charades, and simply sat and watched the rain. 

Another bonus was the food which was very tasty. I mean, I’ve never gone camping and eaten pasta! Being a foodie myself, if I get good food anywhere I am the happiest. 

We slept peacefully with full bellies and the sound of rain outside. Believe me, I love the sound of raindrops when I fall asleep in the city, but the fan and the city noise just drowns out the sound. Out here in the middle of nature, you can literally hear thunder and heavy rain. It was a super feeling to be cosy in sleeping bags. The next morning we set out for a small trek nearby which had amazing views of a lush paradise. After lunch, it was time to check out.

I am the most enthusiastic person in my group when it comes to adventure sports so I was a bit skeptical if my friends will enjoy their camping in Lonavala. But I had nothing to worry about because my friends were ahead of me at doing every activity. We all treasured every moment of this weekend trip, I wish I could have stayed longer but it was time to go back to the urban jungle. Though, I know it won’t be long before we go camping near Mumbai again.

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