Green and black belt certification in Six Sigma

Posted by RaynaJess on June 18th, 2014

One step closer to your goal, a little better than what you were, more towards perfection than you could have been – this is what a six sigma certification promises to bring. Through the implementation of six sigma variation reduction and process improvement projects, you can expect a positive modification in your production capacity. The methodologies make use of two categories for new and existing projects. For new projects it is DMADV and for existing projects it is DMAIC procedures. In both cases it is possible to attain the required skills at various levels including black belt certification and green belt certification. For clarity’s sake let’s say that if the green belt is a foundation to the certification then black belt will be the final destination but what is important in both cases is the retention and maintenance of the skills acquired.

What is six sigma black belt certification?

If you’re aware of the implications of black belt in martial arts it won’t be too difficult for you to grasp the meaning of black belt in the context of six sigma. It is the level where you master the methodologies of six sigma. You have acquired such skills that you are capable enough to tackle problem areas which not just relate to your functional area but also to other areas. With a little practise and guidance you can also be the master to another professional and provide them the guidance as well. It takes around 20 days to master the skills at the black belt certification level.

What is six sigma green belt certification?

While it takes only about 10 days in all to learn the skills in this level, you are considered to be new in the art of practising six sigma and implementing it in your workplace. You will be able to deal with difficult situations in your area of expertise but will not be able to deal with those belonging to other areas with equal ease. Once you have been trained in this level you will realize that this methodology becomes a way of life for you, not just professionally but personally as well. This provides a valuable opportunity to acquire new skills, tools and techniques of doing the same job in a m ore profitable manner. It will be expected from you that once you have attained the green belt certification you will report to your black belt coach for periodic review and scopes of improvement.

In order to achieve a six sigma as a measure of quality in process it must not cross 3.4 defects per million opportunities. The way to calculate the opportunity and process sigma are all easily explained when training is provided by the experts. If you wish to attain success in using the methodologies of six sigma then you may want to start with green belt certification and then move on to black belt certification which will consolidate your learning process and make it easier for you to put all that you have acquired to practise.

Both green belt certification and black belt certification are important steps in six sigma certification.

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