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Content marketing has become a must for every scale of business out there. Since businesses already invest heavily in marketing and its different paradigms, content marketing with its tremendous reach cannot be left behind. Digital marketing is one sphere that comes with so many different segments to it as different platforms demand to be actualized uniquely as per their different requirements. The trends and technological developments that enter the field of the digital realm are also the most since the hit and trails by so many ventures keep leading to innovations regularly. Keeping up with all these developments takes experience and a good knowledge of the implications of different kinds of marketing strategies. Not every plan works likewise for every kind of platform or brand identity which can only be known after exploration and experimentation with different marketing models.

Diving straight into the question at hand, let’s underline the basics and know what paid marketing and organic marketing as all-encompassing terms mean:


Paid marketing is essentially when you pay for your content to be shown wherein you especially target when, where and to whom your content is made visible to. Your publisher could be Facebook or Google or any other platform that holds the capacity of a good reach and visibility. Paid advertisements are not very different on such platforms as they come along with organic search results purposely to be seen in the same light only with an ‘Ad’ or ‘Sponsored’ tag. The tag indicates to the viewers that the spot has been secured by paying. Google ads that are basically the essence of all digital marketing use your keywords and budget designated on pay per clicks to display your content and decide its audience and frequency of occurrence to them. The PPC is the price tag on your content’s marketing.

As for social media, most ads are visible to a certain group of people like for example an influencer’s posts are more recurrent on your feed than your family member’s because you are their targeted demographic. The criteria for selecting one’s targeted audience can be based on age, gender, location, behaviour, likes and occupational status. However, the big misconception that people have is that paid advertising wouldn’t be time-consuming at all and that the only thing to think about is the money being invested and its returns. Most companies investing in paid marketing also start to believe that it is much more feasible, less time taking and smooth in getting results as compared to organic marketing.

Yet this is untrue and paid marketing takes skill a decent amount of experience to be able to be implemented appropriately. Making sure that your campaigns run profitably takes some good skill since even running paid campaigns is pretty complex as a process.


Categorizing content as organic is simple, its basically any content post that is created, curated and posted without anything that is paid. This type of marketing simply asks for your creative mind and a good amount of time to get results. Since the results are organically generated, they’re also long-lasting and create a much more profound impact on your audience. Gaining a substantial brand presence and awareness that spreads across various platforms is mainly about understanding the requirements and choices of your audience and meeting their needs within the same structure. For this to be implemented correctly, it is important to understand the user preferences and behaviour of your audiences.  

Once you’ve understood their choices and purchase making patterns, you can get creative with the kind of content you create to engage them and be smart about it by indirectly promoting yourself. Your content can include gifs, videos, photos, infographics, infotainment posts, blogs on a variety of platforms. This part of organic marketing can be done executed and implemented on Google and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. It all depends on the place your audience most hangs out at.

Moreover, what most people don’t know is that you don’t have to invest a lot in paid advertising only to rank well on Google, organic marketing itself implies that you are creating content that is self optimized enough to gain a good ranking and generate clicks from search engines without paying for them. You can ensure a great user experience by focusing on a well-optimized version of your website for all devices, with backlinks from trusted and credible websites. Most importantly, ensure that all your content is fresh, relevant and quality in all areas your cover.


Since we have highlighted both paid and organic for you, let’s discuss how which strategy works better because much time and effort are put into crafting and implementing each of them.

Speaking about Organic Marketing, the best characteristic is that it can be implemented by the smallest of the small businesses and be used to generate results since it is not bound by any budgeting and expenditure. Companies can use posts, tweets, hashtags, reels and other free features to grow an audience. However, the downside is that organic marketing takes a lot of time to curate and be executed.

A few many hours of your time would initially be spent on social media creating interesting content, writing blogs and perfecting your optimization. You will also be working on doing email marketing, studying your optimization and its response through Google Analytics and use a few of scheduling tools.

Even though organic advertising takes a lot of time and hard work, it is worth the efforts since people or your audience connects deeply with that kind of authenticity and the results speak for themselves.

While on the other hand, the greatest advantage Paid Advertising has that it gives you a lot of control over things. It also gives you more targeted and quick results since you are in control of what is published where and who sees it predominantly. Such precision and fast reach are not possible with organic advertising. Platforms like Google and Facebook intelligently insert your content/posts in search results once you add your payment options.

The best is to incorporate both tastefully to create the best strategy for your brand. If you have the budget, you start with organic and add paid ones and as your organic builds the right audience you can decrease the budgets allocated to paid. Essentially, it is best to generate attention organically always. If you’re just starting out then it will take some time to gain business initially but the results will be worth and moreover, you will have a vast cost advantage over your competitors.

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