Advantages of Unified Communications Solutions

Posted by Aaeesha on June 18th, 2014

Unified communications or UC encompasses all communication forms that are transmitted through the network. It does not represent a single product; but, it is the integration of different real time communication services or forms like presence information, chat or instant messaging, telephony (covering IP telephony also), data sharing, audio/ video/ web conferencing, call control and multimodal communication, speech recognition. It includes IPTV – Internet Protocol Television, digital signage communications, mobility, BPI - Business Process Integration and the software that takes care of all these capabilities. In fact, the future of IT depends on Unified Communications Solutions.

UC integrates all the existing communication systems, enabling their synchronized working in real time. It is a combination of different products which provides a consistent, unified user interface across multiple devices/ media types. Unified Communications Solutions do not require different instruments like phones/ faxes/ computer systems. All sorts of communications can seamlessly be received in single integrated equipment.

It is a good time and cost saving system. It automates and also unifies the human communication and device communication in a common context and experience. It enhances human communications by lessening the latency, eliminates device and media dependencies and manages flows. In fact, it is more important in emergency oriented communication systems like life saving or damage mitigating instructions. Some of the components are outlined below.

“Presence” is the main component in Unified Communication Solutions. It enhances the personal productivity of the individual users. It allows the transmission of information/ messages through one medium say a voicemail and its reception in another medium say email or mobile phones. When the sender is online, the reply or response may immediately be sent through video call/ text message. If offline, the response may be in for form a non real time message and the same can be accessed through different media.

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol is the core of this solution. An ideal example is Skype. It enables free online chats from one PC to another PC or low cost calls from computer systems to mobiles or landlines.

One need not emphasize the multi benefits of Videoconferencing like effective conversation of the persons at different distant locations as if the same is taking place across the tables and with life size images, cost reduction and indirectly assisting the reduction of carbon emission through avoiding stationary,

Call management/ control will be enabled through a software oriented phone branch exchange that will manage all the calls. Instant Messaging (IM), in view of their effectiveness, is preferred over emails. Security of the conversations, whatever be their formats - whether in the text format or audio format is very much ensured again in a unified manner.

In view of the umpteen benefits arising from the Unified Communications Solutions, the user may select the one which he actually requires and which suits his budget. It is always scalable.

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