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Posted by wecanmedia on June 18th, 2014

To those who aren’t familiar, the term digital marketing can seem completely alien. For people usually akin to more traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio and billboard ads to name just a few, the digital world may still need to be discovered, and boy does it need to. With the likes of social media and media devices such as mobiles and tablets appearing to somewhat take over our lives, the digital world has never before been so important in terms of marketing and reaching customers. Yet what is it exactly? Well, Wecan Media, aDigital Marketing Agency Liverpool based, are here to explain a little about what it is and just what it can achieve.

Digital marketing is quite literally marketing that makes use of the digital world. It isn’t just simply another channel of marketing; it is however, in fact a whole new approach to marketing which offers a greater understanding of consumer behaviour. To fully understand what digital marketing is, it’s probably easier to describe what it isn’t, for instance, print, radio, TV and billboards are not digital marketing. The internet however, is at the heart of all things digital, offering a multitude of applications such as websites, email and instant messaging, along with encompassing things such as banner advertising, SEO (search engine optimisation), pay per click and blogging, though it’s worth noting these few examples have only merely touched the surface. These applications and digital channels can all be used to launch campaigns for organisations, businesses and brands with the ability to reach a worldwide audience if desired, or even a more localised audience if need be. One of the huge differences bet ween digital and traditional is possibly the speed of feedback. Feedback with digital marketing is almost instant and allows literally direct communication between advertiser and consumer, unlike a billboard where it’s impossible to know how many people have seen it and made use of the information on it.

The huge growth in recent years of smartphones and tablets has also ensured that mobile has now become an accepted digital marketing channel. Not to mention social media with its ability to spread the word, so to speak, with its share and like options to reach quite literally millions within minutes. Working from a Digital Marketing Agency Manchester office, Wecan Media can offer digital marketing services at a much lower cost than if you were to choose more traditional methods. This has become one of the huge benefits associated with digital. Instead of ploughing thousands into numerous avenues, businesses that may not necessarily have such large marketing budgets are able to showcase their brand, product or service at essentially the same level as much bigger companies too.

If you’re considering digital marketing for your business or brand, and are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency UK based, then Wecan Media can help, showing you just what they can do broaden your horizons and bring you into the twenty first century.

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