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Posted by RaynaJess on June 18th, 2014

Are you looking for a six sigma green belt certification? The idea is great, but getting the certificate is not going to be easy. You need to put in a lot of effort, thoughts and innovation into your work to be able to qualify. At the same time, you need proper resources for facilitating this process. Your organization may be willing to spend money on your certification, but you need to show ROI on that investment. Yes, there will always be a black belt to help you out, but you also need a professional body to facilitate this process. In the absence of a black belt, you may want to look at someone who can award the certificate. ISSSP certification certainly comes to mind in this regard.

What is the role of a six sigma green belt holder? A green belt assists a black belt in the execution of a project. This means that a green belt will lead a project team under the aegis of the black belt. They are required to lead the team and design plans for process improvements. They are also required to implement and monitor the plans. They need to have complete knowledge of six sigma and its various tools and techniques.

The job of a black belt is to champion a project and the job of the green belt is to see that the project is properly executed. A green belt needs to closely work with a yellow belt to ensure data is collected and analyzed and the relevant questions are asked and answered. They should know what DMAIC is and they should be able to explain the DMAIC concepts to the team. If they are leading a team, they should show all the skills of team leadership and management. Only after they have successfully executed a project can they appear for a six sigma green belt certification.

Not every organization has a master black belt, but many organizations look to implement six sigma projects. They may nominate someone to get a six sigma green belt certification and execute the project. But how does it work? The green belt needs to find a resource for gathering knowledge about the project execution. Some of these resources also prepare such individuals for the upcoming tests. Upon successful completion of all the requirements, they also award the certificate.

Needless to say, such resources have to be highly successful and their certificates should have merit. So, you cannot hold hands with any and everyone. With ISSSP certification, you not only get a certificate of value, but also all the tools and resources that you need for your certification. The ISSSP certification is awarded for exceptional performance in project execution.

ISSSP is a fully committed community of six sigma practitioners and it spreads awareness about this domain. It is a place where six sigma professionals aim to help fellow six sigma professionals.

If you are looking for a six sigma green belt certification, consider an ISSSP certification. It is worth the time and money spent.

For all the help related to your green belt certification, consider ISSSP as your resource. With ISSSP certification, you are set for life.

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