Industrial bearing needs now met by ball bearing suppliers

Posted by jennycooper on June 19th, 2014

Discovery of wheels have given human civilization the greatest drift- it has made movement effortless. This fundamental idea of smooth movement has found infinite applications since then. Industrial bearings supplied by several ball bearing suppliers are in rampant use in almost every sector. The first instant of using bearings for reduction of friction hails from the civilization of ancient Egypt where tree trunks were used as roller bearings under sleds. Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings also show design of a helicopter with ball bearings installed in it. Bearings have walked a long distance since then and these days there is hardly any industry where they do not find applications.

The fundamental structure of a bearing is very simple- one or more than one ball is placed between two well-polished metal surfaces which can role. When subjected to a load, it is the ball which carries it by rotating. Bearings manage three types of loads- radial load, thrust and a combination of both of them. A wide variety of industrial bearings are used for different levels of friction management- the most common among them being the roller bearings used for gripping high radial loads. Cylindrical and needle type roller bearings are commonly supplied in conveyer belts. Tapered roller bearings and its spherical counterparts are also used frequently.

Ball bearings are the most popular segment of bearings. Deep groove type and radial contact type ball bearings are supplied by almost all ball bearing suppliers. From something as small as hard drives to something as gigantic as a spacecraft- industrial bearing find endless uses. Angular contact thrust bearings and radial bearings with lip seals are heavy duty bearings and are used for management of high thrust and radial loads. Precision ball bearings like ceramic ball bearings, ball screw support bearings and thin section bearings find the most appropriate use in extreme precision requirements in robotics, health equipments, premium watches, machine tools etc.

Ball bearings are an essential need and hence it is very important to ensure its good supply. In the UK, it is very easy to get the desired bearing whenever required. A number of ball bearing suppliers offer stocks of almost all types of bearings from leading manufacturers in the world. You can place request for catalogues and can select the one that suites your needs the best. Details of both the popular metric series and the inch series are available along with specification of all the bearings listed. The facility to ship anywhere in the globe is an added advantage.

An extensive range of lower budget option is available for customers who want to get performance at reduced cost. Industrial bearings handle huge loads and hence require regular lubrication for fatigue free performance. High temperature of function is another reason of them failing before calculated life span. Efficient maintenance services are provided by ball bearing suppliers. For all your bearing needs now you can refer to a number of websites and you can also call them anytime- both availability and handy service really makes it easier.

Resource Box: Ball bearing suppliers stock all types of industrial bearings.

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