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Posted by webteam on June 20th, 2014

Retreat is a time set aside for oneself; to establish a true connection with a person’s inner mind.  It allows you to get away from illusions and come up with strategies to face the struggles in life. Given below is an overview of the types of retreats prevalent at a renowned retreat center.

Yong Maeng Jong Jins - The usage means to actually take a leap just as tiger while you are still sitting. This is a 2-7 days long retreat conducted in silence. During this time, you are required to practice Zen meditation. Chanting the mantra of your choice when walking, sitting or even bowing down. And, you are offered traditional-style vegetarian meals. The sessions also include lectures by renowned personalities.

Retreats that last one day - These are shortened forms of the former retreats. The schedule may vary in different centers. However, the generally recommended one is a walking meditation followed by an casual vegetarian meal.

Chanting retreat – Kido - These involve chanting “Kwan Seum Bosal”, is also the Korean recognized name for Bodhisattva. You are allowed to stand, sit or walk when chanting. Multi-day treats of the kind are available to those who would like to enjoy more its benefits.

Kyol intensive retreats - These are meant for highly skilled monks. This is a long-established form of Korean retreat. Kyol Che means coming together. This is a type of meditation conducted just two times a year when monks and nuns are involved in intensive sitting practices in the mountainside temples.

Creative retreats - These are meant for artists who want to dedicate their time in the creative work of their choice. When planning for this retreat, take care to ensure that the retreat center of your choice offers an ideal environment for the same.

Outdoor retreats - Are you a person who wants to spend time by yourself enjoying the beauty of nature? If yes, these are the kinds of retreats ideal for you.

Farming retreat - It allows you to tend to plants; to enjoy farming to refresh your mind and body.

Reflective retreat - It is ideal for someone who wants to get connected with his/her inner self. At this time, you are allowed to reset your priorities, strengthen your spiritual self and be more in tune with your intuitions.

Counseling - This allows you to experience inner healing with the help of a well-experienced pastor. This is a form of therapy offered to those who need help to get connected with his/her inner self.

Truly, retreats are there designed for every type of individual. You just have to understand what you need and go for the one which would work best for you. It is highly recommended that you go for a retreat once in a year. Doing this would help you focus more in your work and help you develop strategies to deal with the struggles you may face. Why waste time? Go pack your things; visit a retreat center and have an amazing time, to attain the energy you need to stay calm during storms in life.

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