AI- Working, Categories And Future Scope

Posted by Consagous Technologies on January 4th, 2021

Artificial Intelligence or AI, without a doubt, is one of the most astounding creations from us humans. What is almost hilarious is the fact that AI, as a field, still remains pretty unexplored.

In a nutshell, the wizardry of AI that we are witnessing today is just the start.

What we just said above is nothing new, but it still isn’t enough to emphasize the impact that AI has been having all this time. The dominance of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life is the biggest reason for the rise of AI application development servicesas well.

AI- Just Your Everyday Definition

To make the read ahead pretty simple, we thought it wise to just single it out with a definition of sorts- it’s a branch associated with computer science to develop machines that are more than capable to perform the tasks normally reserved for the human intelligence.

While the ways to approach AI are more than one, it is machine learning that has edged past the other options to make its impact felt in every single domain and industry today.

AI- A Categorical Classification

AI and machine learning development services are aimed to harness the power of AI to act as a substitute for human efforts in multiple categories. The more tasks that can be performed without human assistance, the more evolved is the type of AI you are looking at.

As far as the categories of AI go, they are generally divided into the following four-

1- Reactive Machines

If basic is a word in context for a technology like Artificial Intelligence, then reactive machines are the most basic kind of AI representations you will come across. These machines can surely respond to different situations in different ways, but they can’t learn from the past to give better output in the future.

Automatic responses are definitely possible, but they are limited to a certain number of inputs. Long story short, learning cannot be incorporated in such machines.

2- Limited Memory

The limited memory machines are the machines of the present. In a simpler way to explain this, limited memory machines are actually reactive machines, but with the added ability of learning from past experiences and delivering better outputs.

Limited memory machines are trained with a huge amount of data sets, which gets stored in their memory and gets used up in taking care of future issues.

Image recognition and chatbots are great instances of limited memory machines.

3- Theory of Mind

The theory of mind is a version of how AI of the future shall look like. As of now, it’s just a concept, and work is still very much under way on it. For the moment, suffice to say that the theory of mind AI will be able to discern human emotions better.

This understanding of humans will need a number of other AI related branches to gain a significant level of progress in their own right too. The theory of mind AI will surely be a haven for AI and Machine Learning development services in the future.

4- Self Awareness

The self-aware AI is still stuff reserved for sci-fi movies, and has no existence as of now in the real world. It's a pure hypothesis, but is the ultimate echelon for all the AI research in the world. With self-aware AI, the technology will be as close to humans than ever, with beliefs, feelings, emotions and even preferences.

If conspiracy theorists are to be believed, such AI will lead to the demise of humans, as it will come up with far more advanced solutions in order to preserve itself, and bring about the complete surrender of humans.

As far as the scope of AI goes, it won’t be wrong to say that the scope hasn’t even been touched upon, and that’s after the kind of impact AI already has on the world. With time, AI, as an entity is bound to grow, bringing in more opportunities and challenges.

With the whole scenario still in its initial stages, things are pretty exciting if we look on the brighter side of things. For the negative- well, there will always be something for criticism for everything.

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