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Posted by tedmark on June 20th, 2014

We all know the famous ‘radio’ song by Corrs, ‘…so I listen to the radio, and all the songs we used to know. I listen to the radio, and remember where we used to go’. Radio had a presence long before television was invented. It was the only way people could remain in touch with the things going around world. Radio gave us the gift of music and educated us about a number of issues. Now that there are many more mediums to connect to the world and listen to music, such as the television, music players, smart phones etc, the good old radio is still going strong and has evolved to find a place in this century. Most countries have their own radio stations and New Zealand radio is no exception. There are many New Zealand radio stations that entertain the masses throughout the day.

Radio is as versatile as a television with the exception that television is an audio-visual medium where as radio is only audio-based. This limits its scope but the New Zealand radio broadcasters find different ways to engage the listeners. You can listen to your radio on a car trip or on your way to office. This can relax you before a busy day. New Zealand radio stations play different genre of music and you can tune into it anytime to listen to your favourite song. If you are bored of listening to the same playlists you can turn to the radio for diversity and freshness. Today radio has become interactive, so you can call up and put in your request for a song. You will also know about the latest albums and songs that are popular.

New Zealand radio stations have time slots for each of the programs. They broadcast more than just songs and music. New Zealand radio host talk shows on issues of current affairs or entertainment. They review films and music for their listeners. If you love sports and are missing out on the cricket score, you can tune into the radio and update yourself, or listen to live commentary.

Many a time and especially if you have kids at home you have to control the channels they are watching because the contents may not be suitable for their age. With New Zealand radio you don’t run the risk of exposing your child to offensive language or visuals. You can enjoy the songs and music as a family. In order to engage the listeners, the New Zealand radio stations strive to make it an integral part of your lives. They give you information about weather, events around your city, information about shows and concerts to be hosted etc. they also host several competitions and quiz contest and give away movie tickets or restaurant coupons as prizes.

We are busy with our lives and have no time to sit and relax with friends and family. New Zealand radio brings in a whiff of fresh air by blending nostalgia with the new age requirements. Country music goes hand in hand with rap songs and old or new everyone can enjoy it. All you have to do is tune into different New Zealand radio stations.

The New Zealand radio has evolved to accommodate the preferences of this generation. The different New Zealand radio stations host various shows to keep the listeners engaged.

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