PC Configurator - A step-by-step guide to building a gaming PC

Posted by CLS Computer on January 4th, 2021

What do you need to build a PC?

To build a PC, you need to put together all the pc components. First, when choosing the parts to build your PC, make sure that all of the parts are compatible with each other (CPU, RAM, motherboard).

Here is our gaming PC spare parts list with all the components you will need:

1. Processor (CPU)
2. Motherboard (MOBO)
3. Graphics card (GPU)
4. Memory (RAM)
5. Storage (SSD or HDD)
6. Power supply unit (PSU)
7. PC case

A screwdriver is the only important PC configurator tool that you need here. However, if you want to keep your cables organized, you may want to invest in zip ties as well. Don't forget to be on the safe side. You should also invest in anti-static equipment.

Processor (CPU)

The CPU is the second most important component of a gaming PC, but right after the graphics card, it is the most important for creating content. The processor executes instructions and is an important component in every PC.

To ensure you get the best performance and your setup is future-proofed, you should always buy the latest CPU that your budget can afford.

Intel processors are widely known for their strong single-core performance, which means they have always been considered the best gaming PC around. While this is correct, it is not a factor that should influence your decision to buy games because Intel CPUs have come under heavy criticism for being overly priced.

AMD processors are known for their powerful multi-core performance and affordability, making them great for multitasking and heavy-duty tasks. With recent developments, AMD's single-core performance has also improved, making it a serious competitor in the CPU market and bridging the gap with Intel.

To better understand the current CPU market, you should read our article on CPU hierarchy to see how the various processors relate to each other.

Motherboard (MOBO)
So you've decided on a processor. Now you need a compatible motherboard. When looking at motherboards, the main difference between low and high-end boards is usually in overclocking capabilities and premium features.

So you've decided on a processor. Now you need a compatible motherboard. When looking at motherboards, the main difference between low and high-end boards is usually in overclocking capabilities and premium features.

If you are planning to overclock your CPU:

• For Intel CPUs, you need a K-series processor and a Z-series motherboard
• With AMD CPUs, all processors are overclockable, but you need a B- or X-series motherboard

The motherboard doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be reliable, so buying from a reputable manufacturer is important. ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI are our recommended options.

Graphics card (GPU)
The graphics processing unit (GPU) is the most important component in any gaming PC and usually the most expensive component on any build list.

Imagine playing a multiplayer shooter to better understand how a GPU works. During the game, the CPU is responsible for keeping track of the physics like players and objects, as well as their location on the map. However, the GPU uses this information and renders the graphics it displays at the resolution and settings that you set them to.

The GPU is without a doubt the most important component in a gaming computer, but it still requires the CPU to function. If the CPU isn't processing what's happening in the game fast enough, your GPU's visual output will be in a bottleneck as it will have to wait for the CPU to catch up.

A GPU is made up of various components to perform quick calculations that result in a rendered image. Let's go over some terms you might find in a graphics card's specifications.

Memory (RAM)
Memory, commonly referred to as RAM, is considered the third most important component in gaming performance. RAM is essentially your PC's short-term memory. It's quick and easy to access, but only temporarily. This is where your PC stores data that is actively used. Benchmarking has shown that a sufficient amount of fast RAM can improve CPU performance. If you have more than you need, don't waste your money.

Whenever you buy RAM, you can refer to our best RAM guide to make sure you are getting the best possible kit for the job.

Storage (SSD / HDD)
We used to store everything from applications and Word files to games on our hard drives, but this has changed since the advent of SSD technology. An SSD or solid-state drive is a storage device with no moving parts. The information is stored in microchips, which makes an SSD much faster.

Power supply unit (PSU)
The power supply is as simple as it sounds and powers your entire system.

PC case
Aside from the aesthetics of a case, all you need to worry about is spacing (will the components fit in?). You should check that your case of choice has room for the GPU (ATX and MATX cases generally fit the largest cards). If you want to build a compact system in a mini-ITX chassis, you may run into problems installing a full-size graphics card.

CPU coolers can also cause problems in certain cases. So check this when purchasing. Also, if you want to increase airflow with fans, check to see if the case comes with it or how many mounting options there are if you need to buy some.

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