Cast Stone Fireplace for Your Home

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Cast stone is actually a fine concrete material that is so commonly used for the coating of the outer part of the buildings just to give them the appearance of costly cultured stones. It is made up by mixing the crushed bits of the limestone, sand and other masses along with a bonding agent until a thick liquid paste is formed. This type of mixture is usually applied to the surface of another material, especially if it is being used for molding or for construction purposes or if it is being used just to form cast stone mantel. If this stone is being used to make a fireplace, it will give your home an elegant appeal, more so with offices or buildings as well.

Cast stone products
for fireplaces are quite identical with other fireplaces that are made up of cut lime stones. This tone is known for its sturdiness and uniqueness too. It is being used by artisans for years on the exteriors of the buildings.  A lot of stones that appeared to be lime stone on buildings are constructed around the turn of the century are usually cast stones. These cast stone products are typically used for fireplaces and they are made up using a mixture of finely graded combinations, which is a bonding agent with silica sand.  These fireplaces along with mantels typically use a hardening agent for better and cleaner edges too.

Usually, this type of mixture is struck into shapes and the outcome of the result is in line of the fireplace, which is also the same with limestone. It is a non-combustible product and it can also be used straightly next to the firebox openings, thus eradicating the cost and the needs for interior surrounds that wood and plaster fireplace and mantels may require. Cast stone columns are among the materials used during the 16th century. If you will check on the history of the fireplace, the stone walls were cut off and the fireplaces were formed too. This means that the fashions of fireplaces were amplified after the 16th century.

If you are familiar with outdoor fireplaces, they are specially designs among homemakers in the US and they became so famous rapidly. Usually, outdoor fireplaces are just the same with the indoor fireplaces, it’s just that there are impediments involved. The fireplaces designs may include the usual bricks just to culture the stones. The cultured stones are somehow different from the natural ones and they are known as the Cast stone columns that make the task easier. Just like the cast stone fireplaces that were cultured stone fireplaces, they were made using the stone mixtures and dyes with the lightweight cements. They are available in different styles, shapes and colors that you can choose from. They were specially made to match natural bricks and stones such as granite, limestone, river rock and others. A lot of manufacturers usually offer fifty years of guarantee for fading and cracking.

It’s hard and expensive to remodel a fireplace so if you want it to be long lasting you can choose Cast Stone Products for it. This is because Cast stone columns - -  are very durable.

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