Why Kids should learn Coding?

Posted by Mycrobites India on January 4th, 2021

Living in an age with an abundance of computers, almost everything is being replaced by them, most of what was done by manual labour is now being done by machines controlled by computer programmes. And who knows maybe one day they'll start replicating us as a lifeform as well, but let's leave those thoughts to the movie-makers. What we want to emphasise on is that computers are an inevitable part of our lives and who holds the knowledge about it is ahead of his/her coevals be it in terms of financial security and privacy security. And when we want to learn computers, we are introduced to coding. Coding is the means through which we give commands to a computer or computers to perform a certain task.

In this pursuit of the best coding platform for kids, you are presented with an array of Online coding school for kids telling you C++, Python or Java is the programming language best for your kids but before that, this conversation about computers, coding and kids begs the question:

At what age should my kid learn coding?

Or, why should they even learn to code? Makes sense that if they are willing to learn it later on in their lives then they may choose it themselves and we shouldn’t force them now. But, while the materialistic benefits of coding are more apparent the hidden benefits are much more required for building perseverance and organization skills, that can translate into a career not limited to coding.

Here are the top reasons to learn coding:

  • Coding teaches kids to observe patterns in problems they are given which allows them to visualise abstract concepts and apply math to the real world.
  • Coding is all about planning and organising before approaching a problem and inculcating this habit at an early age results in better writing skills and self-organisation.
  • Learning to code at an early age will allow your kid to develop his/her communication/social skills and other hobbies while he reaches adulthood instead of toiling a later part of his life completely to learn to code.
  • Coding builds resilience as it involves debugging(removing) errors from the code and there is no better way to build perseverance than working through challenges.

The key to becoming an amazing coder does not lie in the programming language you learn, it lies in understanding the way a code works which is universal to programming languages. This arises the need for a platform which helps your kid in understanding the code before learning the complex names of functions that don't even make sense to him when read all together.

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