Different Types Of Oil Sands Equipment at Mainland Machinery

Posted by mainlandmachinery on June 21st, 2014

There are several materials handling challenges faced by business owners. One of the unique challenges is a Biomass Preparation System which is also used as a Micronizer North Dakota. This equipment is often related to a wide range of plant materials such as grasses and crop residues that can be converted to fuel or feedstock. The micronizer at Mainland Machinery represents a specific materials handling challenge mainly due to their process systems that typically demand a uniformity of several parameters such as particle size, moisture content, and density.

Foundry sand is what holds the mould together. Once moisture is added to the sand by adding oil it tends to hold its shape further and this sand is used in the process of sand casting. Along with oil sands equipment there are many other types of equipment used for sand casting. Actually sand casting is one of the oldest forms of casting ever practiced. At Mainland Machinery all the equipment and implements used in the testing methods are specialized for laboratory use.

The most commonly used equipment in the mining and oil and gas industries is the pump box Alberta, also known as slurry pumps. These are used to separate a liquid from a solid. In the oil and gas industry specifically, pump boxes are used to separate oil from oversized solids in order to produce a mixture of liquid and semi-solids called slurry, which is then ready for pipelining. In this process, Mainland Machinery manufactures a pump box through which materials are screened, mechanically agitated, and conditioned so that the resultant slurry can be easily pipelined to a processing facility.

Mainland Machinery offers oilfield tanks Houston as a single call field erected tank solution. In case large and/or permanent containment solutions that are too large to transport from a manufacturing facility are required, Mainland Machinery is ready to take your entire project from concept to finished product. They are fully prepared to design and manufacture any large capacity steel oilfield tank or silo that is equipped to hold a wide variety of materials including municipal drinking water and oil storage.

The Hydraulic catwalk from Mainland Machinery is most often used on drilling rigs and is designed for the safe transportation of pipes and tubulars, in and out of the drill floor. This equipment is proven to create safer and more productive drill sites, which reduce or eliminate the direct handling of tubulars and large equipment. Mainland offers hydraulic catwalks with remote control devices to further ensure worker safety during operation.

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