Dispose Your CRT Monitors at Mississauga Electronics Recycling Solutions

Posted by com2recycling on June 23rd, 2014

We all want to replace our old electronic gadgets with the new ones. The challenge here remains in how to dispose the old electronic goods as it is hard to recycle. Many nations are taking this problem very seriously as this method of getting rid of the old electronic goods is not at all environmental friendly. Mississauga Electronics Recycling Service is a great initiative by COM2 Recycling Solutions to recycle used CRT monitors or glasses with a number of collection centers in and around the state of Illinois in the United States of America.

A major chunk of this electronic waste are the CRT monitors or glasses as with the arrival of flat screens like plasma, LED, LCD, etc., these are now obsolete. More and more people are replacing their CRT monitors or television with the new flat ones for mainly aesthetic reasons. If you are also thinking of to discard your used CRT monitors, then you must know that it is best to dispose them to the Mississauga Electronic Recycling Solutions for the obvious reason that it is not environment friendly to simply dump it in a landfill site.

Why CRT monitors should not be dumped in a landfill site?

It has been found that CRTs contain a significant higher level of lead and cadmium beside other toxic materials. Lead can pass on into the groundwater and can contaminate the same over the years. Moreover, breathing in lead dust can be very injurious for human health.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has already acknowledged this fact and has included these discarded CRT monitors as hazardous household waste. Thus, this if left in open to all weather conditions at a landfill site, it can pose a threat to our environment.

It is commendable that many companies have come forward to offer recycling solutions for the CRT monitors and Mississauga Electronics Recycling Solutions are one among them with a good track record of successfully collecting the discarded CRT monitors from their numerous collection centers.

List of items not accepted by Mississauga Electronics Recycling Solutions

If you are thinking that just like the CRT monitors, you can dispose almost anything to Mississauga Electronics Recycling Solutions then you must be aware of the things that this ISO 9001:2008 certified company does not accept at all. The list included the following items.

Radioactive materials
Non-electronic materials
Hazardous materials
Other hazardous materials
Corrosive materials
Flammable materials
PCB and Explosives
Compressed gas cylinders

Thus, next time when you think to dispose your electric goods, especially any CRT monitor, just remember Mississauga Electronics Recycling Solutions and contribute in keeping your environment safe.

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