What are the unique advantages of bending machine?

Posted by sere on January 5th, 2021

CNC bending machine has the functions of automatic wire feeding, straightening, bending and forming once. It is suitable for the forming processing of various wire products such as spring, basket, etc. Next, let's take a look at the CNC bending machine has what unique advantages?

Bending machine's advantages

1. CNC wire bending machine has the functions of straightening, bending and forming, which can be used in one machine. It refers to that one machine can produce several kinds of metal wire bending products.

2. Using intelligent control, it can process square, square, circle, star, ellipse and other shapes of various sizes and specifications;

3. Fast production speed and high efficiency, equivalent to 30-40 manual operation;

4. High precision of products processed by CNC bending machine can meet customers' requirements;

5. CNC bending machine is applicable to a wide range of auto parts, kitchen and bathroom hardware, daily hardware, iron wire technology, supermarket shelves and other metal forming industry.

The bending length of sheet material has great influence on the precision of bending parts

It has been proved that the bending length of large bending machine has a great influence on the precision of bending parts. The longer the sheet material of large bending machine, the greater the bending load. As a result, the bending machine's tilt and slider deformation become larger, making it more difficult to ensure accuracy.

Generally, the accuracy of bending Angle including the total length of bending is called "linear precision". If no effective measures are taken, the inlet amount of the concave die in the full-length direction of the bending die is inconsistent, which makes the bending part appear bad phenomenon. Therefore, the finite element simulation method should be used to analyze the force and deformation displacement of the sliding block, extract and modify the deflection compensation curve, and drive motor or manual adjustment should be used to realize the deflection compensation in the full length or part, which improves the linear precision of the large-size bending machine.

The slide block of large bending machine is composed of welded steel plates of different shapes. In the modeling process, the details that have little influence on the results are ignored, and only the main structure of the slide block is retained. Because the structure has arbitrary 3D orientation and is well adapted to the model of curve boundary, the elastic deformation of the slider can be analyzed more accurately by using it.

At the same time, full consideration should be given to the load and constraints exerted on the sliders of large bending machines. In actual working conditions, the sliders of large bending machines are always in motion. Because the static analysis of the slider is carried out separately, the constraints of the slider must be simplified and approximated, and symmetric constraints must be applied to the nodes on the middle symmetric surface of the slider. The fixation of the slider is achieved by connecting the guide rail on the rack with the rear of the slider, where full constraints are applied.

In addition, surface load is applied to the part at the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder that is in contact with the slide block of the large bending machine. Due to the relatively small vertical deformation of the slide block, it is a small elastic deformation, so uniform load is applied to the force surface at the bottom of the slide block in the model. The bottom of the slider and the upper die are connected by connecting blocks to ensure that the force is transmitted evenly from the slider to the upper die.

Then set the path, through in-depth analysis to extract the slider at the bottom of the mechanical deformation of the deflection curve, the maximum displacement was in the middle of the slider, on both sides to show parabolic decrease gradually, at the same time can be bent on the length direction deformation displacement at any position, to design array wedge form different from the Angle of deflection curve provides the data support.

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