Part 4 - Common Problems with Cell Phones and Computers and How to Fix Them

Posted by mobileremedies on June 24th, 2014

              Most of us today have smartphones, iPods and iPads, tablet PC’s and computers that we depend on to help us accomplish our daily activities. Some of us rely on them for work and for communicating with clients and colleagues while others use them for entertainment and to keep in touch with friends and family. We often take these devices for granted until one of them stops working. We can solve some problems on our own but for others we need professional help. It used to be that the only option was to replace a broken device with a new one but those days are over. With cell phone/electronic repair Hawaii you have the resources to deal with any problem quickly and reliably. Here are some of the common issues and what you need to know when they arise.  


Charging Problems

Charging problems are very common and there are some simple things to try on your own. In many cases, especially with iPads and iPods, the device seems to have shut down due to a low battery but will not power-up again even after it has been on the charger overnight. This usually occurs when the shutdown was caused by a corrupted file rather than a low battery and can be easily resolved by rebooting the device, usually by simultaneously holding down the “Power button” and the “Home button”. This may also occur with cell phones and computers. If you don’t know how to “force a restart” with your particular device, Google that phrase with the name and model number and instructions will come up easily. Debris or a bent pin at the charge port of the device is also a common problem but not as easy to repair on your own. You can get free advice over the phone anytime by searching iPad repair Hawaii or cell phone/electronic repair Hawaii and speaking to a qualified professional.


Too slow!

This is a common problem in laptops as well as iPads. Often, there are too many applications running simultaneously and competing for the device’s resources, especially those that automatically exchange data with the Web. In some cases the device’s internal memory may be nearly filled to capacity. When you notice that your device is running slowly, shut down the applications and the programs that you are not using and either trash image files (photos, video) and music files that you can do without or transfer them to another storage device. Be sure to empty the trash and to reboot the device as recommended above. If that doesn’t do it, you will have to back up your data and re-install the operating system. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of this on your own, don’t hesitate to Google laptop repair Hawaii or cell phone/electronic repair Hawaii and speak to a qualified professional. 


Exposure to liquids

Liquid damage is a more complex issue and always requires professional help if your goal is restoring long-term function. Cell phones, iPads or laptops damaged by liquids may work again for a while if dried out properly but will succumb to corrosive damage by the particles that remain inside unless they are properly cleaned (if you would like to learn more about this problem and its solutions click this link: The first thing to do if your device gets wet is to immediately remove the battery (if possible). If you can’t manage this without special tools and expertise, don’t despair since it will often heat up and die quickly. NEVER try to charge the device or to connect it to a computer in the hope that this will dry it, since that will only cause additional damage! Your decisions on what to de next will possibly be irreversible so BEFORE you put your device in rice or follow any of the many other “Internet recipes”, follow the link above or Google computer repair Hawaii or cell phone/electronic repair Hawaii and speak to a qualified professional. It costs you nothing to become well informed and it will allow you to make the right choices for your individual circumstances.


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