As seen in the wow classic gold most upvoted

Posted by limmzhou on January 5th, 2021

As seen in the wow classic gold most upvoted remark, you don't even have to level your character to be able to harvest maximum level resource nodes because of a exploit or alternative, so the time and cost to get back up and running will be minimal, and the amount Blizzard earns from these types of accounts can also be minimal.

Believing and posting differently is harmful to every actual player who just needs the match to be not fucked up. Be real with people, make them know up front what kind of company blizzard is. It's not necessary to lie and pretend they'll resolve any significant problems.

That would mean blizzard would need to get an employee thats not only a developer and we can't have this.

Why can Blizzard spend money to hire employees to prevent botters that are selling gold that Blizzard is earning money from?When the community needs botting to finish it needs to crack down on people who profit from botting - the people buying gold.

All these are just a couple of the things that is gold in wow classic going to need to be executed to curb this issue. Until they handle it from those aspects, it ain't goin anywhere.It sucks that GDKPs are so mad for pugs.

Maybe in ESO if a Divines would drop for somebody and they'd sell it to a few of the other trial-goers.People in aggressive environments are ALWAYS going to carry matters to an extreme if the acting ability allows it. The responsibility is on the ability to prevent such frustrations, not the players to self-police themselves out of it.

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