Top Multi Vendor Marketplace Business Ideas During COVID

Posted by IdyaFlow on January 5th, 2021

First off, let's define what we mean by Multi-Vendor Marketplace? Multi-vendor marketplace is an online store that allows multiple vendors to sell their products, services, rentals and electronic goods through a single storefront. In other words, it is an online or virtual mall. The biggest difference is here the customers can easily search for all vendors providing specific products/services, compare their services and make a decision within a few minutes. 

Inviting other vendors to sell their products on your e-commerce site allows you to offer your visitors and clients a more diverse product range, and to earn extra revenue in marketplace commissions. The advancement in Technology and access to cheaper solutions has been a turning point for the eCommerce industry. More and more online eCommerce merchants want to evolve their business models by creating marketplaces in addition to their existing eCommerce sites. 

As COVID-19-related shutdowns forced many local businesses to close for the past eight months, there’s never been a more crucial time to support local small businesses on a multi-vendor marketplace than right now. 

You are in the right place if you are an entrepreneur who is fascinated by the sheer growth in marketplace platforms around you. We want to present to you the top 10 multi-vendor marketplace ideas you can create to support your local economy. 

Marketplace for Farmers

Local food has become a mainstream trend, and each one of us are looking for fresh local options for produce and other seasonal foods. And more restaurants are looking to source locally grown ingredients. One of the success criteria of a marketplace idea is to - SOLVE A REAL PROBLEM FOR YOUR COMMUNITY - and this is a clear need and is a no brainer idea. 

Marketplace for Handcrafted Items

Create a marketplace to connect local niche vendors to sell handmade and homemade crafts online. The marketplace will allow listing of products ranging from jewelry and clothing to art and supplies. Including a forums section and blog will make the community active and engaged with feedback and discussions in the platform.

Marketplace for Grocery Delivery 

The uncertainty and the lockdown has made it difficult for parents with young kids and seniors to shop in person at the grocery stores. This is a perfect opportunity to start a grocery delivery marketplace to engage the local community to list their availability to deliver groceries to their neighborhood for a small fee.

Marketplace for Health Providers

The stress and burnouts our health providers are experiencing has no words to express. The health system is at the brink of breaking down with no clear and transparent process to procure and engage health providers when the hospitals and clinics are experiencing staff shortages. Start a marketplace to allow available professionals manage their time and skills when it is most needed. 

Marketplace for Pet Products

Let's not forget when we say - we are in this together - pets are part of us! The days when we used to visit our local pet food providers are gone. With the current restrictions on visiting people outside of our families have created a real problem to access healthy food and supplies for our pets. Through this marketplace, you can connect local healthy pet product providers and pet owners to place and deliver online orders. WIN-WIN! 

IdyaFlow is a Marketplace-as-a-Service software. We help you launch a fully functional online marketplace to connect your local businesses to their customers in a few days ready to generate revenue.

Contact Us Today - to learn more about how we can help you build an unique online community multi-vendor marketplace for your town! 

If you want to support your local economy, Think local, Shop local, and Buy local.

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