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Posted by IdyaFlow on January 5th, 2021

The cultural shifts, cost of care, and the ongoing governing policy adjustments have contributed to a more patient-empowered shift in care over the last century. And now, technology is changing how hospitals operate leading to new business models that will help healthcare providers meet consumer demands. 

Early in the pandemic, many healthcare providers moved state/province lines to support the overwhelming rise in the cases. The imbalance of nurses and physicians staff across states, which existed well before the pandemic, reached a terrifying level during the height of the pandemic. Some regions, the care providers were being laid off while in other parts of the country they stretched to their full capacity. 

The staffing agencies that were central to helping the healthcare system to balance the supply of labour with seasonal peaks, they could not scale during pandemic. Keep in mind, these agencies worked through a structured demand period and they used either phone calls or emails to reach the clinicians. These outdated tools and processes are not scalable nor reliable going forward. 

In the Service marketplaces platforms customers connect with service providers on-demand based on the needs. The marketplace platform helps the customers identify the right provider (discovery), provide the assurance that the provider is legitimate (trust), and make it easier to connect directly with a provider (convenience).

In the blog, we will discuss how a service marketplace can support the healthcare system.

Marketplace connecting healthcare centers and providers:

This service marketplace is not customer facing. It is to connect healthcare centers both private and public hospitals and clinics to the available healthcare providers. The marketplace will allow healthcare centers to post the details of the needs, skills, experience and pay rate to a filtered list of professionals as a bulk notification. The interested providers can accept the terms of the contract to provide the support. The platform will be responsible to validate the credentials of the providers and allow providers to set up availability. The platform will eliminate the need for engaging the staffing agencies and will reduce the commission cost associated with dealing with them. This proactive and on-demand approach gives the control to the healthcare centers to connect with the right providers at the right time. 

Marketplace connecting healthcare providers and patients:

This service marketplace is customer facing. It is to connect the patients to the available healthcare providers. Again, the platform will validate the credentials of the providers and the providers will list detailed descriptions of their skills, experience and availability. The patients can filter/search the providers based on their needs and book an appointment. This model will balance the supply-demand issue that exists within a given city. 

A marketplace approach to healthcare centers and its providers is long overdue. While the pandemic magnified our current system’s vulnerabilities, they have been there all along. By leveraging the technology and marketplace paradigm that has made so many other industries efficient, we can improve not only our healthcare system and quality of life of both the providers and patients, but also our healthcare systems’ bottom line. 

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