Would be to break-even or PSO2 Meseta

Posted by limmzhou on January 5th, 2021

You could look at any F2P game cynically in that sense -- that the sole reason to launch any F2P game (or game, really) would be to break-even or PSO2 Meseta ideally profit. But when they had just launched NGS without bringing over the first PSO2 in any way, there'd be a good deal of content NA players would be missing out on, which includes items you can get in PSO2 and carry over to NGS.

(Which is why even utilizing Tweaker and playing on the JP servers would not be the same, as you couldn't carry any of that over to NA servers.) Plus, since they chose original PSO2 will stand alongside NGS, they were going to need to vent both over anyway, so better to do it in phases.

(I strongly suspect that NGS is not going to start with a"full game's" value of content, but will probably be published progressively over time. This is probably why they are upgrading the original PSO2 and keeping equally side-by-side -- since folks will run out of things to do should they only play with NGS.

By allowing units/weapons from PSO2 to be brought into NGS, it'll give folks a reason to continue playing PSO2 in order to encourage their progress in NGS, and I suspect they will incentivize people doing that at least in the initial year or two before NGS is much more fleshed out and fully-featured.

In a manner such as the connection between PSO2es and PSO2 in Japan.)This ought to be like it's own article. Im coming to this conclusion as well. Initially I was cynical but now that I know the bigger vision more, it's all making sense. I'm actually glad we do not need to wait for 8 years and are getting it all at one time.

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