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Posted by ei2Aevai on January 5th, 2021

Nova Scotia is a beautiful province. The landscape is exceptional with trees, lakes and the ocean at every corner. The province is rich in history and culture with an excellent variety of music. เที่ยวแคนาดา

The province has 11 scenic trails throughout the province. Most people are not aware of the size of the province, so it is wise to check with your travel agent about distances, especially if you are planning a self-driving program. It would be easy to spend a lot of time looking for attractions, places to visit, and festivals to attend. In order not to lose valuable vacation time, it is highly recommended to plan an itinerary in advance or take an escorted tour.

Nova Scotia is one of Canada's oldest provinces, populated by pilgrims from the British Isles and Europe, many of them under land grants from King James. The settlers from each country tended to settle in one area. For example, Cape Breton is famous for Scottish settlers, Acadia for its French settlers, and Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known for its German settlers and was a former shipbuilding community. The famous Schooner Bluenose was built there and is shown on the back of the Canadian dime. All of the settlers had different cultures that can still be seen today in various parts of Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton has the only Scotch whiskey distillery in North America, a Gaelic college where the Gaelic language and other crafts such as Scottish dancing and the violin and bagpipe are taught to this day. Visitors can visit the College and enjoy seeing how the crafts are made and, if the time is right, enjoy a concert performed by the students.

The Maritime Museum gives you a story about the Halifax explosion that destroyed a large part of the city. The museum also has artifacts from the Titanic, and the Fairview Cemetery has the graves of many of the bodies recovered from the sinking. Even today, many bodies have never been identified.

Halifax itself was colonized by the English and the Citadel offers daily tours and the Public Gardens are reminiscent of a typical Mansion Garden in England. Capturing the spirit of its rich military past through music and color, the annual Nova Scotia International Tattoo rivals that performed in Britain, and is worth a look if you're in town when you're in town. switched on.

Port Royal is one of the original settlements and offers insight into the rich history of the settlers. We must not forget the Tidal Bore which offers the highest tides in the world. On a daily basis, the tides rise from zero to 23 feet in a matter of minutes and you can ride the tides as they rise.

There are world-class golf courses, music concerts, and festivals offered throughout the province. Local bars and pubs usually offer live local music from Thursday to Sunday. The music is rich in Nova Scotia and has produced many prominent artists such as Anne Murray, Rita MacNeil, and Natalie MacMaster, just to name a few.

To complement the spectacular scenery, unspoiled nature and living history, Nova Scotia offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from kayaking to hiking, whale watching, golf, and not to mention delicious seafood.

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