Effective Small business PBX solutions

Posted by Aaeesha on June 25th, 2014

An effective small business PBX solution must be easy to get connected to the needy people, whether customers or employees or vendors or anybody else and must also be much reliable, under any circumstances. Small business PBX solutions come in handy in respect of small business organizations and startup companies. Such phone systems will enable the staff to execute the things in a better manner, which they could not do earlier.

Under this category, there are varieties of configurations with varied benefits and features to choose from. Though there are analog systems, modern systems run on IP (Internet Protocol) works, thus minimizing the costs of network management. Small business PBX solutions offer sophisticated features; they are reliable yet cost effective; they can be easily deployed, administered and maintained. They reduce the recurring communication and network management expenses, enhance collaboration and improve productivity of small businesses.

There are various features in the business PBX phone system and the selection depends on the needs of the users like whether the business requires rich media conferencing systems or whether the ringing on multiple devices with one phone number is required. Other capabilities and features to be evaluated are videoconferencing, mobile phones to use the computers as phones, automatic voice call facility, caller ID, call attendant, call transfers, call waiting, call forwarding, call screening, music on hold, dial by name, call conferencing, call by extension, voicemail, fax, fax to mail, web administration, toll free enhancement, pager notification, presence technology, integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, wireless IP phones, unified messaging and many other features.

Present technology refers to the capability of the system to identify the free extension available for immediate contact and the easiest way to contact the same. Wireless IP phones enable the identified users to access the data and the users will be easily reachable even while roaming either internally within the office/ works or at other external locations. Unified messaging involves notifications by email or phone or text message.

You have to evaluate and implement the system that is most suitable to the needs of the business, considering the short term as well as the long term goals of the business. The solutions are scalable. You may also discuss with some local service providing vendors, who may arrange for demo to enable you to have the glimpse of the features.

A conventional business PBX phone system consists of external/ internal phones, computer server and console for control manually and two networks. An IP based (working on networking) small business PBX will execute everything which a traditional system will do; besides it will take care of switching, VoIP and landline calls. Still advanced system is Unified Communications feature.

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