Benefits of Predictive Dialer Systems

Posted by Aaeesha on June 25th, 2014

When a call center or contact center plans to develop its performance and productivity, the only option is to install the Predictive Dialer Systems. This will enable the prospective Customer Service Representatives or agents establish contacts with the prospective customers (bypassing/ avoiding the contacts with the answering machine/ busy numbers) at the appropriate time and thus reduce idle times of the agents. Effective utilization of the working hours of the agents will result in an increase in profitability through improvement of productivity.

A predictive dialer system will ensure optimal pacing by dialing more numbers (the telephone numbers from a list) than there are free/ waiting agents and connect the answered numbers to the agents, remaining free to deal with the call and thus avoid any possible delays. In the normal circumstances, the delays occur because the agents will dial a number only after they complete ongoing calls and the dialed number may be engaged or may be an answering machine. All these predicaments are duly addressed and avoided in the Predictive Dialer Systems. This result in increased productivity, comparatively lesser idle time (say less than 5%) and enhanced customer satisfaction. It will be more useful in campaign management, with advanced list. It will also make qualifying leads in selling a product/ service using the data of the customer behaviour.

The predictive dialers may either be software, integrated with the existing software working in the call/ contact centers or standalone hardware device. In the former case, the dialer performs power dialing or progressive dialing or preview dialing. The system will provide a lot of facilities like call transfers/ monitoring/ recording, Lead capture/ lead management, FCC/ FTP compliances, etc.

The statistical algorithms used in the predictive dialers will watch the duration of the conversation of the existing calls, agents ready to attend/ answer calls and allot the calls to them to handle the same. Thus, waiting time between conversations is largely minimized.

Based on the business requirement and cost benefit, company can deploy asterisk based predictive dialer solution which are flexible and integrate many advanced features ensuring sizeable improvement in the productivity of the call center while reducing cost.

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