Things To Know About Types Of Frogs

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Frogs belong to the tail less categories of amphibians that are short and stout with big protruding eyes and web like toes and limbs. They are terrestrial animals capable of living on both land and water; in fact adult of some rare species can dig their way in a live underground.

Overall there are nearly 4000 types of frogs, some popular of them worth mentioning are as follows:

1. Darwin's Frog

Found in the cool streams of S.America, Chile and Argentina, these are typical green colored, active ones of their race. Very protective towards their young ones, they lay some 30 eggs in one go and watch for it for incessant 2weeks to ensure a safe birth.

2. Gloliath Frog

These are on the endangered species list found in the fast flowing river waters of W.Africa. What makes it unique is its size, which is the largest of all and weighs to 7pounds each approximately.

3. Ornate Horned Frog

Living in the rainforests of S.America, these are the most belligerent, ones in their race, capable of charging instant attacks on a person if suspect a threat. Not so poisonous but fearless.

4. Poison Dart Frog

These live in the rainforests of Central and S.America. Highly compact of sizes varying from .5 to 2 inches long, these are hard to spot and too swift to catch a glimpse of. As the name suggests they are of the poisonous categories, with excellent predator instincts.


A frog and a toad though look quite similar but have various points of differences among them. Some of which are as follows, any layman could conclude to, if he/ she have had a closer look.

  •    Frogs prefer to reside inside a water body in a lake, or river etc while toads choose to wander around on the land, at a considerable distance from the former.
  • Talking on the skin type, frogs have wet relatively smooth skin than that of toads. Toads have warty skin where the surface is dry and bumpier like.
  • Thirdly, a frog when compared to a toad is more timid. Easily scared and intimidated, it would probably stop hopping it way out when shooed from a distance, the latter although would be standing right next to you playing all dumb but showing off its audacity in the best way he could.
  • Frogs have a wet tongue which provides them with enough feasibility to trap their kill. Toads on the other hand lack this feature and literally have to walk towards their prey to attack and swallow them.
  • Last but not the least; we come to the hind legs. Most helpful and obvious way to examine the difference between a toad and a frog. Frogs possess much bigger and stronger hind legs for jumping and swimming etc. Toads on the other hand, are not accustomed for swimming hence has shorter legs used to hope their way out of a path.

All the information regarding types of frogs and the difference between frogs and toads - are true and accurate.

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