Monarch Butterfly Migration and this associated with it

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The Monarch Butterflies are milky weed butterflies of the Nymphalidae families, one would find almost on a daily basis, in the North American countries, flattering their way onto the streets, gardens, the porch of your office building etc. Their type is easily recognizable from a distance as their wings have a unique texture and pattern onto that gives on a distinctive touch to it. Orange and black patterns of polka dots all over it, with a wingspan of about 8.9 -10.2 centimeters. If we may add, these butterflies have a very low tolerance towards the cold weather conditions, which primarily is one of the major driving forces that call for their migration.

Monarch butterflies are by and large unable to cope up with the freezing cold weather conditions of most of the cities of United States, so they migrate towards the south and west part of the countries to dodge these unlivable conditions. The time of the year when they do so is October though they can move anytime the winter sets in.

Majorly the most favorable destinations are Mexico, and some parts of Southern California which support warm type of climate all year along. If flown in the eastern directions the sides of the Rocky Mountains are considered most ideal as these are places overflowing of green settings with rich ovamel fir trees found growing in the entire region. They further go into the state of hibernation from here into the Pacific Grove, in the eucalyptus trees of California.

Monarch butterfly favorite food

There is a general wondering in between the people as to what is it exactly on which monarch butterflies feed on. Beginning by, shedding some light on the various food options they have to satisfy their hunger, we should first begin with the plethora of food sources available to them. Many are available right there in your backyard, send out invitees by getting the absent ones and bring your little garden area to life by inviting monarch butterflies over for dinner.

For starters, the young ones of monarch butterflies, that is the larvae feed ONLY on milkweeds (hence the name). There are certain specific vitamins and needed proteins that help them transform into a beautiful butterfly in no time. When grown into a full adult, the monarch butterflies like everyone else in their family feast on nectar, water, sweet lipids etc anything that is available feasibly. The sweet taste being their all time favorite.

Furthermore, while flattering from one branch to other, they taste the juice of the ripened fruits, derive nutrition from them and eat the pollen grains off the top of the flowers. Talking about their favorite of all, they love to drink the juice of mushy slices of watery fruits such as watermelon, grapes, and oranges. They rarely consume anything in solid pieces no matter how tiny of the particles are, so rich enriching delicious, liquid oozing out of a highly sweetened ripen fruit would account for a full fledged banquet for them.

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