Few Pillow Covers Designed with Suzani Embroidery

Posted by tedmark on June 26th, 2014

Considering the great demand for pillow covers, innumerable companies have come up over the years. And have made a large variety of pillow covers available in the market. You will be amazed to know that now days designer cushion covers are also tailored. One of the most beautiful is the item designed with Suzani embroidery. These units usually have cotton fabric base that is designed or embroidered in a mix of silk and cotton thread. However, the silk base fabric variety can also be bought. Adding one of these units designed with such beautiful embroidery can give your bedroom an artistry touch. Online stores who sell high quality handmade decorative pillows are expected to sell Ikat fabrics as well. You can buy Ikat fabrics by the yard and get it tailored according to your wish.

However, when it comes to buying pillow covers made from Suzani embroidery, there are a few designs that you can look for. Here are some of them:

  • Floral pillow covers: Embroidered on sheer cotton, this floral motif pillow cover is designed with royal colored pattern giving a velvety-like finish. This is 26” square item and therefore can fit perfectly to your pillow. Featuring button closure, this unit can be easily slipped on the pillow and can be take off fast. However, this floral Suzani pillow cover needs machine wash.
  • Sun and moon disk pillow covers: This is one of the most popular design motifs of Suzani embroidery. Within sun and moon disks several patterns and designs are embroidered to give the item an attractive look. The sun disk is embroidered at four corners and the moon disks are found in the middle and at the bottom. It is one of the vintage patterns. Its front fabric is made from pure cotton, whereas the reverse fabric is pure linen. Comes in solid shades such as red, blue, grey and brown, this unit is a must to buy.
  • Rectangular Suzani pillow cover: It becomes often difficult to find a cover for rectangular pillow. Today, there are many online stores who sell elegant rectangular Suzani pillow covers at affordable prices. Comes with textural embroidery, it gives the cover an intricate floral layered look. Having a very elegant and sophisticated look, such items mainly come with off-white base. This 18” square with 12×24’’ is made with a mixture of cotton and linen. Featuring envelope closure, each article is exclusively designed with hand embroidery. While cleaning machine wash this unit in cold water.  

Apart from these three there are also many varieties in the lines of pillow covers. Not only this, you can also buy Ikat fabrics by the yard from the online stores. While buying them all you need to make sure is that you have selected the right store. It is recommended to research well about the company before buying any item. Also, compare the prices with other online shops. Choosing a good and responsible store and help you receive some good discounts on your purchases.

Looking for pillow covers with Suzani embroidery? We offer variety of such items and also sell Ikat fabrics by the yard.

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