Ikat Fabric: A Fabulous Journey from Nineteenth Century through the Present

Posted by aimewolf on June 26th, 2014

  Ikat is a special dying method which involves resist dying of wrap fibers or weft fibers. A rare blend of double Ikat fabric is also available with some textile companies. In this process, the resist is fashioned by uniting bundles of fibers with a tight wrap to attain the pattern desired. The bundled threads are dyed afterwards and altered according to design requirements and the re-dyed if the designer wants a more elaborate design. Ikat is the oldest patterned textile which has its roots in East Asian countries like Indonesia, Japan, Guatemala, India and in parts of Turkey. These textiles are still very popular and you can find these designs easily in stores near you. However, the online marketplace has played a key role in the revival of the Ikat pattern textiles. These days, you can find decorative pillows and many other items bearing the Ikat design legacy.

Ikat fabric gained much popularity during nineteenth century. It was a time when the finest Ikat textiles as means of bartering transactions on the famous Silk Road that used to connect Far East with Central Asia and Europe. Ikat textiles have travelled long distances by means of camel train and were much popular central Asian aristocrats. These textiles are woven on narrow looms with silk, these textiles used to make outstanding robes that used to be sported by clannish leaders. Ikat textiles were considered the most sophisticated gift of all during those days. However, Ikat made a bigger impact in the European textile market when they were introduced by European textile merchants. Now-a-days, Ikat textile patterns are fused well with European textile patterns and these items are in high demand across Europe and North America and other parts of the world as well.

Ikat is etymologically connected with a Malay word that implies the act of binding. In Malaysia and surrounding regions, tons of threads are dyed and untied and the designers here work meticulously to design some of the most wonderful Ikat designs. The blurred patterns you will see in almost every Ikat textile is a result of the toe-dye technique used, which produces faintly inaccurate designs. This slightly blur design characteristic makes Ikat textile unique and enchanting. Add to it the elaborate design characteristics that make these textiles stand out from the rest. Ikat fabric is essentially and historically oriental and you will feel the very essence of true Asia as soon as you come across an Ikat pillow cover or any other customized merchandise designed for the European market.

Antique Ikat textiles are valued by textile designers and collectors alike. These tribes and mats are great for giving your room a touch of Asia. These naturally dyed, vibrant and long-lasting textiles are now found with major European and North American e-retailers. If you are looking to give your home a makeover with Ikat carpets and Ikat wall arts, you can buy these items online. Decorative pillows and hundreds of other traditional artworks and design patterns can now be found online. Just do not forget to do extensive research and compare prices of decorative pillows, bed sheets etc.

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