Ikat Throw Pillows Bear the Legacy of Ancient Asian design Trends

Posted by aimewolf on June 26th, 2014

Throw pillows are for extra comfort and are used as decorative items both indoor and outdoor. An embarrassment of Ikat throw pillows is now available on the web and elsewhere. If you are looking for Ikat pattern throw pillows on the web for some time now, you may well be spoilt for choices. These patterns have become quote popular in recent times and both outdoor and indoor pillows are now being offered by online retailers. Outdoor fabrics are now nearly indistinguishable from indoor fabrics and you need to do a lot of research to find the best Ikat pattern pillows for your home. Throw pillows are naturally-dyed or solution-dyed and come with Polyester fills. You can find miniature painting in these pillows. A natural fringe surrounds the pillow. Ikat pillows are weather-resistant and you can clean these items quite easily with water and mild soap.

Apart from outdoor pillows, Ikat indoor pillows are also available with designers and retailers that offer this kind of merchandise. These pillows can change the mood of your room instantly and come in bright colors and bold patterns. Therefore, you can add some life to your room by buying the indoor pillows for your home. The linen-blend pillows come in various colors and can be used in many places. You can keep these pillows on a sofa, on your bed and wherever in your room you wish to keep these. Ikat textured pillows can do a visual makeover of your room and can be used with different types of furniture items. Indoor Ikat throw pillows are machine washable.

Ikat is a dyeing technique used for creating amazing design patterns. The process involves tie-dying the fine cords of twisted fibers before interweaving. The end product is termed Ikat, which has its etymological roots in a Malay term. If you have seen Batik fabric, you may find some similarities between these two. However, Batik and Ikat are essentially and technically two different design pattern. Batik prints are created using the tie-dye method, Ikat is ma de by tie-dying before weaving, exactly opposite of the batik dying process.

Ikat pillows are made using any of the three different techniques briefly described here below.

•             Wrap Ikat is created by tie0dying the wrap fibers

•             Weft Ikat is crafted by using the resist dying technique on weft yarns

•             Double Ikat is achieved by blending the above-mentioned fabric type

Though Indonesia is widely regarded as the birthplace of the Ikat design pattern, Ikat pillows, bed sheets, floor mats and other decorative items are now being manufactured in the USA and in parts of Europe as well. In many parts of Asia, Ikat fabric is still created using the traditional dying methods. However, European designers have extensively used technology for increasing production rate and fusing Ikat design patterns with European design patterns. Both clothing and home furnishing items that follow the Ikat design pattern and the Ikat dying norms are now available in the European and North American retail market. For finding decorative items with miniature art forms, you can just go online and look for retailers.

Are you shopping for Ikat throw pillows? UZ Handicrafts now offers throw pillows that contain miniature painting etc.

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