Ikat cushions: The present rage usurping modern art enthusiasts and bohemians al

Posted by aimewolf on June 26th, 2014

Just as our wardrobes are reflective of the ever-changing trends of seasons, adapting our interiors according to the latest stylebooks or moods for unconventional patterns fetches great results. The approaching summer heralds lots of new styles and prints like ikat and suzani that have gathered immense fame lately. Think about the ikat cushions and see for yourself how they make way to prove something different.  You can also have your pillows in these prints and marvel at the very look of your room. For example, a blue ikat pillow against a neutral bedcover stands out to several prints infused together. Take a balanced approach and make your living space an attractive zone for guests.

Injecting a little bit of color and life into a theme has never gone to waste and this applies for ikat prints as well. A lot of people steer clear of introducing something quirky fearing they would be the laughing stock amongst the masses that are highly unaware about the developments in interior décor making use of minute changes and capable of transforming the look of a room drastically. Besides, the factor of cost seems to bother all. The fact is ikat cushions install a slight bohemian look and feel to an otherwise dull and drab setting. The sunshine months actually give a boost to these out-of-the-box schemes and bring one’s tastes to the fore.

Traditionally deriving influence from almost the Far East, the cushions adopt an ethnic inspired design and color blended with organic tones and shapes that mirror earthy hues of the primeval world. Understanding the relevance and popularity of the ikat design, reputed fabric houses and professional designers are all for this contemporary form of artwork that uses bold and striking colors. In fact, they add great contrast, texture and interest into color codes and schemes. Moreover, it fits the budget and a heavenly paradise can be had within minimal effort.

Basically, this trend makes use of a tie-dye method on the cloth threads such that a blurred geometric pattern is achieved when woven. The process starts with dyeing the weft threads that rest on the loom prior to weaving. These threads are selectively wrapped and protected for preventing the dye to take on the other threads. Wrap threads are then woven back and forth in and out between the weft threads. The weft is not dyed in few areas so as to create a specific pattern or design. At the time of combining with the interspersed dyed weft threads, all you get is a feathery shaded textile. The after-effect is the so-called ‘ombre effect, meaning that ‘the colors or tones shade into each other’. Take the example of a fine blue ikat pillow. The way the color mixes with the basic fabric and graduates from something light to dark makes for an easy purchase. This goes true for many shades as well, depending on color preferences and ones that blend well with the theme.

You can take your pick from myriad shades of ikat cushions that are on offer. The classic appeal of this fabric will make your living place an exotic abode.

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