Ikat pillows: Widening the scopes of in-house decor

Posted by aimewolf on June 27th, 2014

Asian contributions in the department of home décor have always occupied a cardinal and frontal position. In recent times, ikat fabric, a product from Uzbekistan has come to prominence in the handmade craft section. Buyers are taking a lot of interest in these unique natural hand-made textile pieces that are imported all the way from central Asian country of Uzbekistan. Ikat pillows are now very popular, being a smooth addition to modern and classic settings without looking too gorgeous to be out of place. The most striking feature of these pillows is that they are richly colored and designed with traditional Uzbek patterns that are authentically originated in the country.

Some of the designs have distinguishable sharp patterns, others have blurry cloud textures. Successfully running in the market, ikat pillows are favored with their ornamental displays on both sides. The fabrics do not have fillers inside and the patterns are repeated throughout. Except for the ikat fabric that serves as the outer covering, the pillows are no different. They have zippers hidden on the edge and come in different measurements and all shapes, mostly square. Some of the pillow cases however do not have measurement flexibility owing to the design. 

Most modern homeowners prefer to adorn all-white couches with bright-colored ikat pillows to create a staring contrast that compliments the rest of the décor. Ikat pillow cases are also available in embroidered styles that are stitched by locals in designs authentically fashioned in Uzbekistan. The pillows are bordered with linens and embroideries with geometric patterns on the outer sides. The bright colored ones make great couch accessories as they have a certain effect of enlivening the environment, especially in the summer and winter. The ikat fabric will surely add a special side to your sense of fashion.

Additionally, the ikat pillows make perfect gifts for occasions like housewarming, BBQ parties, etc. The graphic works on the fabrics are nothing subtle. The bright colors, abstract design, and intricate threadwork together give your living space a personality of its own. Your space will reflect your fashion sense and talk the latest trend that others might miss out on. Ikat fabric is usually a combination of silk and cotton. So, hand washing them with a gentle detergent and lukewarm water is recommended. If you’re quite fed up of bringing home cushion covers that are either satin or fashionably unsuitable, then these traditional weaves will surely bring the much-needed break.

These cushion covers offer an addition of fresh and warm colors to your interior. You can always go experimental by mixing and matching the colors to create an eyeful of contrast. For instance, a warm orange tinge with a mellowed grey will definitely make a wonderful ensemble. The covers combine both comfort and style to the in-house décor, ensuring that your insides have a distinctive appeal about it. Available mostly in sets, you can buy all cotton pillow cases from certain retailers.

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