Li-ion Portable Battery Market: Trends, outlook and Opportunity Analysis 2017 -

Posted by anna on January 5th, 2021

Li-ion portable battery is a particular type of rechargeable battery where lithium ion moves from the negative side of the electrode towards the positive side of the electrode during getting discharged and it comes back when it is charged.  Li-ion portable batteries use an interpolated lithium material as one of the electrode material, compared to metallic lithium which is being used in non-rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The electrolyte, which actually allows the ionic movement and the two electrodes are the essential component of the lithium-ion battery cells. The growing adoption of the li-ion portable battery in the automotive and consumer electronics sector because of longer shelf life of the batteries and the reduced pollution is expected to drive the market in the forecasted period.

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For purpose of doing in depth analysis, the Li-ion portable battery market is been segregated based on technology, type, power capacity, end user and the geography. Based on the technologythis market has been segregated mainly into four types; they are like cathodes, separators, anodes and electrolytes. By power capacity the li-ion portable battery market has been segmented mainly into three types they are like 0-3000mah, 3000-10000mah, 10000-60000 mah. By type the market has been segmented mainly into three types they are like Li Cobalt Oxide, Li Iron Phosphate and Li Nickel Manganese Cobalt.On the basis of end user the Li-ion Portable Battery market has been segmented into five types; they are like automotive industry, industrial sector, consumer durables, renewable energy storage segment and grid energy storage segment. Moreover, this report also provide cross functional analysis of all the above mentioned segments across different regions such as  Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

Some of the key factors which is responsible for the growth of li-ion portable battery market is the growing demand of the electric vehicles and the also the continuously growing demand of the smart devices and other types of consumer non durables. Very strict government policies on the fuel consumption and fuel economy are also one of the major reasons for driving the demand for the li-ion portable battery market. Thus, the continuously growing need for the portable electronic device because of longer shelf life is also one of the main factor estimated to act as a catalyst for the demand of li-ion batteries during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. In addition to thatrapid growth of plugin hybrid electrical vehicleis also anticipated to increase the demand of li-ion portable batteries in the upcoming years. In turn this is also expected tocreate a strong positive affect in the li-ion portable battery market during the forecasted period of 2017-2025.

The overheating issue of the lithium ion batteries is acting as a restraining factor for the of li-ion portable battery market from achieving the full potential. The biggest challenge of the li-ion portable batteries is high price of the batteries. Risk of fire in the electronic devices and vehicles is also one of the key restraining factors for the growth of the market. Inadequate charging infrastructure is also acting as a restraining factor in the growth of Li-ion Portable Battery market.

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By type, Li Cobalt Oxide held the largest market share because of the high energy density of the LCO batteries and the low cost of manufacturing of the LCO batteries. However, Li Nickel Manganese Cobalt is projected to achieve highest growth during the forecast period. The strong combination of manganese and the nickel gives the battery very strong accuracy and high effectiveness this makes it the most appropriate choice for very high future adoption.

Geographically, the li-ion portable battery market is being primarily driven by Asia Pacific region. Rising demand of the lithium ion Batteries in the consumer non durable sector and in automotive sector is driving the market of Asia Pacific region. Rapidly growing demand of the batteries which provides high power supplying capacity with high safety and very little rate of pollution is expected to drive the Li-ion Portable Battery marketrapidly. This region is anticipated to maintain its dominance in the market during the forecasted period from 2017-2025 owing to the growing demand of lithium ion batteries in consumer durable industry.

Some of the leading players operating in the li-ion portable battery market includes BAK Battery Co. Ltd (China), BYD Company Ltd. (China), LG Chem, Ltd. (South Korea) ,Panasonic Corporation (Japan), GS Yuasa Corporation (Japan), Johnson Controls Inc. (The U.S.), Toshiba Corporation (Japan), A123 Systems, LLC (The U.S.) among others.

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