Demolition Vessels Market: Research, Recent Trends and Growth Forecast

Posted by anna on January 5th, 2021

Demolition Vessels Market: Overview

Demolition vessels are vessels that have reached at the end-of-life cycles and need to be scrapped. The objectives are many: recovery of useful materials such as steel without mining, cost that can be put to future ship making, and in general implementing circular economy concepts. The growth dynamics in the demotion vessels market are shaped by the changing supply-demand dynamics in the shipping industry. Different regions have seen new avenues from shipbreaking industry seen various trends and regulations prevalent in the demolition country. International Maritime Organization has been at the forefront in shaping the growth dynamics of the demolition market.

The axis of developments has moved from North America and Europe to Asia, East and South Asia in particular. In parts of Asia such as China, India, and Indonesia, the demolition market has made emergence of numerus scrap buyers.

Key vessels types that are demolished are bulk carriers, tankers, containers, cargo ships, passenger ships, drill ships, and war ships.

The study presents an evidence-based and statistically driven assessment of current avenues, recent regulatory forces in various key countries, opportunities in emerging markets, and strategic moves made by players aspiring to gain a stronghold.

Demolition Vessels Market: Key Trends

The demand for demolition vessels is driven by the growing focus of regulators and shipmaking in circular economy. The growing services offered in demolition market has helped reduce the burden on mining sector to get access to steel. This thus reduces the overall carbon footprint of the steel industry. Rise in volumes of waste discarded from the ship industry has also brought demolition vessels to the forefront. The demand for demolition vessels has also risen on the back of demand for making new ships, cruises, yachts, and other luxury vessels.

Growing focus on the safety of scrapyard safety is a key aspect boosting the demolition vessels market. The growing adoption of environmentally sound recycling of ships in industrial ports in several countries around the world is also bolstering the revenue generation in the market.

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Demolition Vessels Market: Competitive Development Analysis and Key Developments

Over the years, a number of low-cost manufacturers have emerged in key regional markets. They facilitate making assessment of the realizable value of materials that can be recycled from the vessels. Companies are keen on constantly improving the methods to improve the yield and reduce the cost, thereby driving the evolution of new technologies for scrapping in the demolition vessels market. The demand for new productive methods for waste management from the shipping industry is a key trend boosting the market.

Some of the key players in the demolition vessels market are Wirana Shipping Company, Star Matrix Ltd., Habib Group Ltd., Smedegaarden A/S, LEYAL Ship Recycling Group, MIDWEST STEEL, Machtrans Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., and BTR Marine services & Ship management.

Demolition Vessels Market: Regional Assessment

Asia Pacific is expected to see massive adoption of demolition vessels in the near future. Bangladesh, China, and India are key countries that have become hotbed of opportunities for the past few years. Rise in demand for luxury vessels, especially among middle class populace, has accelerated the trend of vessels reaching end-of-life. Also, the number of new passenger vessels in the Middle East has been growing moderately. Some of the key countries attracting investments in the demolition vessels are Brazil, the U.S., Australia, Japan, and the U.K.


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