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Posted by SharonEvans on June 28th, 2014

Decades ago, soccer jerseys were not even close to what they are now in terms of bright colors and accessories. During those years, football shirts were plainer in design and the primary purpose was to show which team a player was on. Things have changed now. Like any other leading football league in the world, La Liga also has a good share of strong teams with great fan following. Barcelona football shirts and Real Madrid Football shirts enjoy great demand in the market and have become bragging rights of the huge number of fans that these clubs have.

Jerseys were thick and looked so formal back then. Nevertheless, it is good to know that they have transitioned into some super shiny sleek apparel that promises a great degree of comfort for players and pride for loyal fans.  Normally, jerseys become all the rage if the design is trendy and hip along with being comfy. The popularity of Barcelona football shirts and Real Madrid football shirts has a lot to do with not just the performance of these clubs but also the popularity and performance of the two stalwarts and kings of modern day football namely Lionel Messi ( for Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (for Real Madrid).

Differentiating between the teams is no longer the only function of a football shirt. With so much thought and creativity going into the design, football shirts are now a part of the club, the team, and the legacy it has. The design of a football shirt mainly consists of some attractive colors, and the club logo along with the sponsors’ logo on the front. The name and number of players are printed on the back and help spectators, commentators, and even the fans to see who holds the possession of the ball at any point in time. Official Barcelona football shirts and Real Madrid Football shirts available for sale are as good as the original jerseys that the players wear themselves.

Made out of cutting edge technology, these Barcelona football shirts and Real Madrid football shirts keep players from both these sides insulated from the elements. Wearing these jerseys makes these players feel warmer in cold conditions and cooler in hot conditions. Changes to fabric is very common in this area of business, and most of the official jersey designers and manufacturers find it interesting to keep the followers guessing about what is next. Credit has to be given to these designers in making jerseys so comfortable and attractive not just for the players but also for the followers.

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