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Posted by tedmark on June 28th, 2014

There is something magical about snow. Children and adults love to play and have fun in snow building snowmen or initiating a snowball fight. The lucky few who do experience snow reside in regions like some states in the USA, Europe and some Asian countries. The rest of the world does not experience it unless they go to high mountainous areas. However, it is still possible to use it and to accomplish that people employ the second best route, meaning opting for snow machine rental. These have specific advantages and more importantly transform a birthday party into a winter wonderland.

Snow machine rental can produce snow at any temperature. Though it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere from July to August, snow machines produce perfect snow for any event. It can be utilized to make a slope for great outdoor skiing fun right in your backyard. Sleds can be made from any smooth material with a front lip for hours and hours of enjoyment and lasting memories. A great birthday party theme idea is calling it “Christmas in July” and on your invites warn guests to dress warm without giving the game away so that they are pleasantly surprised on arrival.

Quantum of snow produced by snow machines is sufficient to cover a backyard easily. Based on weather conditions, professionals who handle the machine decide how much and how thick the snow layer must be. There needs to be enough to at least host a proper birthday party to enable at least a dozen children to be able to play. Snow machine rental specialists will ensure exactly that. Rev up the party more by building snowmen and have a prize for the best snowman of the day. Remember to have accessories to decorate Mr Snowman. Divide guests into two teams and have a snowball fight.  

Play some snow baseball at the birthday party by hurling snowballs at empty plastic bottles placed at designated spots. The child who throws the plastic bottles with the least amount of pitches wins the game. Make a golf putting green in the snow, use an empty tin as the hole and try to putt miniature snowballs into the hole. Place a snowball target and bombard the target with throws towards it. The one with the most target hits wins. If the snow starts to melt, your snow machine rental specialist will gladly make more snow. It assures life-long memories and helps to build long-lasting friendships.

How about playing flag in the snow? A white cloth is tied to the end of a short stick and then given to each child who gets a chance to conceal it anywhere within a demarcated area. In case you are unable to find a stick, a wooden spoon can be improvised upon. The game revolves around the time taken for the rest of the group to find it. A birthday party with snow machine rental specialists can create an ice skating ring on a large platform for hours of ice skating fun. After all is done and dusted, you do not have to clean up, your grass gets water and everyone had great entertainment thanks to a snow machine.

How about setting the theme of your next birthday party to winter and snow. All you need to do is get in touch with snow machine rental and think of interesting games pertaining to the theme to render the day memorable.

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