Cocktail Reception Cuisine That Creates a Lasting Impression

Posted by tedmark on June 28th, 2014

One of the most happening as also enjoyable parts of corporate events is a cocktail party and this is owing to several reasons. To begin with, it is relatively shorter in duration as compared to a dinner-cum-dance evening and secondly such a gathering is usually semi-formal in terms of interaction and dress-code. Hence, suppose you have been entrusted the task of arranging a company get-together wherein employees from several branches are likely to be present then organizing a cocktail reception before and after the main event should feature first on your list. Of course this also calls for deciding on cocktail reception cuisine in form of appetizers.

Given that guests attending your cocktail party would be from various levels of the corporate world, it won’t be too surprising if they do not share any similarities in their background and eating habits. This is the most important fact that should be borne in mind while organizing appetizers for corporate events since it has a direct bearing on the type of food to be served. As a rule, cocktail reception cuisine should be a mix of regular and exotic appetizers all of which must make a variety presentation. They should also conform to fat-conscious eaters, vegetarians as also meat lovers.

Some of the popular appetizers that would find a place in any cocktail reception cuisine around the world are canapés, cheese balls and French fries. Canapés are favorites of hosts around the world courtesy of the fact that they provide a lot of breadth in terms of base and toppings. Most common options which serve as canapé bases are crackers and bread not just thanks to their neutral taste but because they can be made to assume any desirable shape. When topped with a slice of cucumber, cheese or fruits like grapes, melon or apple, these turn out to be the most enticing amongst all the fare that graces corporate events.   

Another popular option is that of serving Mexican appetizers which enjoy unchallenged acceptance the world over. Cocktail reception cuisine in this case would comprise of tacos, tortillas and Mexican meat-balls all of which are served with tempting traditional Mexican dips namely Guacamole and salsa. Dips could be based on sour cream too wherein they are flavored with tomatoes or cheese and spiced up with chilies. If you wish to serve something a little more substantial and filling then torta and quesadilla would seem to be the perfect choices for corporate events. Both are sandwiches with the former being at least six inches tall.

Exotic cocktail reception cuisine comprises of caviar and crab delicacies but chicken and fish can also not be ruled out. Classic varieties of caviar is often served with capes, lemon wedges and chopped onions while crab preparations depend on the creativity and culinary expertise of the caterer who has been entrusted with the task of feeding guests at corporate events. Chicken can assume many forms like burgers, crescents, puffs and joints while fish is best preferred as a platter of fish fingers accompanied by a suitable dip. How about German sausages like Liverwurst served in form of an Olive Dome?

An integral part of corporate events is a cocktail party and one of the reasons for its popularity is the delicious fare that is served. cocktail reception cuisine is variety personified and ranges from regular to exotic stuff with everything in between.

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