How to get a six sigma black belt certification

Posted by SharonEvans on June 28th, 2014

Six sigma projects are so much in demand in the corporate world because they lead to saving money. Executing a six sigma project is one of the most difficult tasks because one has to follow all the rules and procedures. For anyone to be able to execute these projects, six sigma certification is a must. And if an organization really wants to get the best out of these projects, they need to nominate someone for six sigma black belt certification.

Someone nominated for a six sigma black belt certification is a business manager. This person needs to identify the biggest issues in their organization, find the root causes of these issues and eliminate them to make processes more efficient. A six sigma black belt certificate holder is one of the senior members of the organization, someone who can manage projects at a top level and also take decisions without having to answer to a whole lot of other people.

As is quite evident, earning a six sigma black belt certification is not easy. For that matter, earning no six sigma certification is easy. One has to put in lots of efforts to be able to get themselves ready for the certification tests. Then they have to follow defined procedures to apply for certification.

To apply for a six sigma black belt certification, the incumbent needs to work under a master black belt and complete a project using the methodologies of this concept. The project has to save considerable money for the organization and after it is completed, it needs to be signed off by the master black belt.

Six sigma is all about DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Each project has to go through this defined set of processes. Anyone who is looking to get a black belt six sigma certification has to be absolutely sure about how each set of processes is executed. Only then can a project be successful. The master black belt analyzes the entire project and then signs off on the certificate. This is a cumbersome process, but the results are immense.

Anyone that works on such projects also needs to build and manage a team for project completion. The leader of the project does not get into the minute details of the project, but needs to lead it to ensure completion. To be able to manage this, the incumbent needs to know the entire six sigma framework and all the tools and techniques associated with six sigma.

Only senior members of organizations are eligible to get the black belt six sigma certification because they need to have certain number of years of work experience under their belt. Executing a six sigma project also requires a lot of decision making at a rapid pace. If someone is not senior enough, they may not even get the funds to execute a project. Hence, organizations choose wisely when they select someone for six sigma black belt certification. This is the bare minimum any organization needs to consider.

Six Sigma certification has immense value and this is why companies invest in it. Anyone who earns a six sigma black belt certification can rest assured career wise for the rest of their life.

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