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Posted by SharonEvans on June 28th, 2014

For anyone to make a career in process improvement, a six sigma certificate is almost essential. All companies want to improve processes, but it doesn’t happen just like that. Individuals are selected to go through rigorous six sigma training and certification so that they can execute process improvements. There is one important point that one should note regarding six sigma and it is the value of the certificate. ISSSP certification is considered to be among the best in this domain.

There are many individuals and organizations that can award the six sigma certificate. These individuals and organizations help incumbents prepare for six sigma tests and help them execute projects that would make them eligible for six sigma certifications. Depending on the type of belt one is looking for, the projects may range from small to large. However, the size of a project doesn’t matter to these individuals and organizations. What they look for is process improvement. ISSSP is one such organization that helps six sigma professionals and incumbents to become superior six sigma practitioners. An ISSSP certification, thus, means a lot in this domain.

Every company looks for process improvements. There is nothing wrong with that. If you look at the best Japanese companies, you will find that they have mastered the art of process improvement. And of course, there are several American companies that have also mastered the art of improving processes. The name of GE immediately comes to mind. There are many lesser known companies that have implemented six sigma to tighten up manufacturing processes. If you look at these companies, you will find that they invest in their employees getting six sigma certificate.

When six sigma is implemented in an organizational process, the process goes through the entire DMAIC cycle. At the end of the project, the deviations are taken care of because every problem statement is identified, measured and eliminated using defined processes. Since this entire bit is highly complicated, there has to be someone with a six sigma certificate to lead such processes. This is why organizations make investments in six sigma.

An ISSSP certification is considered to be highly authentic because of its long association with six sigma. ISSSP has a large number of six sigma members. These members significantly contribute to this domain through their knowledge and expertise. ISSSP also helps organizations and individuals to know more about six sigma and its certification processes.

ISSSP is fully committed to promote the adoption, integration and advancement of six sigma processes in business environments. The ISSSP community advocates and spreads awareness to achieve this mission. It is one of the best referral and information source for six sigma and develops professionals and recognizes their efforts in this domain.

If you are thinking of one or more of your employees to get the six sigma certificate, the name of ISSSP should be foremost in your mind. Getting an ISSSP certification is a rigorous job, but once someone gets it, the rest becomes easy. They become champions in your organization.

Consider ISSSP certification if you are looking for a six sigma certificate.

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