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Posted by tedmark on June 28th, 2014

True though it is that your wedding is the most important event of your life and that it should be an emulation of your tastes and personality, taking a second opinion before finalizing on any aspect is strongly recommended. It could be your mom, best friend, sister or colleagues but involving them in everything right from theme to table decorations is a way of ensuring that whatever is presented is not just in good taste but also well-suited to circumstances. Since you will probably embark on your search online or visit table rentals which have been suggested by someone, do ensure that there is someone by your side to play the role of sounding box.

Much of the wedding’s final appearance depends on table decorations and the term ‘tables’ here is not just inclusive of the tables for guests but also the ones on which the banquet is laid and another that serves a centerpiece. Amongst these, it is the banquet table which ends up being the most crowded because in addition to food it needs to carry crockery, cutlery, cards and also decoration items. Of course everything needs to match and at the same time must also conform to the theme of the wedding while being systematically placed at the same time. Table rentals usually have sets that meet this requirement so all you need to do is just pick one.

Nest it is time to consider tables at which the guests would be seated. Nature of table decorations in this case would depend upon a number of factors, foremost amongst which are the table’s size and shape. While table rentals could supply you with any kind of tables like big, small, circular or rectangular, the ultimate choice is yours in conjunction with the person whom you might be depending upon for guidance. Whatever is the chosen size and shape, you must refrain from making the space appear over-crowded or cluttered since this is likely to undo everything that you have worked hard for.

Presence of flowers at the wedding table is an unspoken norm but something that differs from one person to another is the size of the arrangement as also the manner of placement. Flowers do make universal table decorations and look nice too provided you bear in mind certain guidelines. If you have opted for small round tables then the size of your flower arrangement might as well be in proportion as something elaborate would seem completely out of place. Likewise, the type of arrangement needs to be thought about in case it is a square table that table rentals have provided you with and provision of individual flowers in case of large tables.

Creativity is the key where table decorations are concerned and if you are unable to find anything that exactly suits what you have in mind then it is time to let your creative juices flow and come up with something extraordinary. Sky is the limit where ideas are concerned and who says that you must stick to flowers only? Fruits, tea candles, semi-precious stones and even small sculptures could be used as adornments and personalized with a message or two from the couple. As long as table rentals are able to provide linen that complements the set-up and are willing to drape the chairs so as to blend them with the surroundings, any idea is good to go.

Choosing appropriate table decorations is a must before every wedding and these could range from exquisite to personalized and customized. But first it is always better to check on what the table rentals have to offer and then find decorations that go with the furniture provided.

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